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    July 26, 2019 by S3r0-Ph1i

    The contribute daily badges are attained for editing the wiki daily for 5, 14, 30, 60, 100, 200, and 365 days. Won't try and articulate how thrilling it is that the first 365 days badge was attained today, rather encourage others that if they can do it for 5 days, it can be done for the full year for them as well!

    No matter what though, whether people would like to commit to badges they like, that and support detailing the wiki, add sporadically to support detailing the series and of course enjoy reading the manga or watching the anime... There are so many ways to love everything about No. 6, it is eternal so do any and all things positive that make you happy!

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    Migration of No.6 to Fandom

    February 13, 2019 by S3r0-Ph1i

    Today, Wednesday the 13th February the No.6 wiki has been successfully migrated to Fandom near the final stages of the mass transfer of wikis to their new URL. This procedure had long been in the planning stages beginning with Fandoms rebranding in October 2016. It would be later, October 2018 that Fandom officially began the migration, gradually transferring around 350,000 communities over months to a planned completion date of February 4th.

    Where 90% of the wikis were transferred before the planned date of the 4th the process was slowed in light of Google ads for the remaining 10% of wikis yet to transfer. This remaining 10% of traffic in-fact represented the vast majority of wikis, around 200,000 of them.

    Of all the possible transfer dates,…

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