• I was wondering if you would be interested in affiliating with the ACTORS -Songs Connection- wiki and Gakuen Heaven, it would be great to be able to work together as a community and to make our wiki's gain recognition. If interested here is our wiki wordmark! wiki-wordmark of ACTORS -Songs Connection- wiki-wordmark of Gakuen Heaven

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    • Heya, absolutely interested in the affiliations yet since we are already kind of affiliated in that we work together on the wikis, shall we choose different affiliations for Songs Connection and Gakuen heaven? For example musical related anime for Songs Connection, and school related for Gakuen Heaven such as Ouran Koukou Host Club or something. Anime that came out around a similar time to each would also be common ties between the series, plus it means that each can have different affiliations to share all the more wikis around between them.

      Whether it was adding ‘Wiki’ to Gakuen Heaven’s wordmark, or making a new design since you seemed to like a different logo, it would be good if you posted the request to make the word mark you would like on Community Central’s Forum where hopefully someone will be able to make what you had in mind. Then the wordmark would be the way you wanted it and good to share from the offset.

      With Gakuen Heaven I’ll try and add to the story sections for characters, yet right now with the anime airing it’s best if I detail the Pet episode and character pages (Pet’s like Banana Fish by the way, you’ll like it!) then there was also Ten Count due this year, and A Destructive God Sits Next to Me (similar to Servamp), and then any additional wikis you had in mind to work on. Share them all and I’ll try and get as many as possible in to help develop!

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    • As far as genres go, I would like to be able to affiliate with all sorts of wiki's. Not that I'm disagreeing with your idea, but their are plenty of wiki's out there that would love to be affiliated with.

      I'll have to think about making a request on Community Central to add the word "Wiki" to the Gakuen Heaven Wordmark.

      Sure thing, it would be better to focus on upcoming anime an projects and think about the rest later! I would also be able to assist with these upcoming projects, since you have helped me out a lot by growing my own wiki's, fixing any errors that I had on wiki's, and learning new techniques every day! I can't express how grateful I am to be able to meet someone as great as you!

      I hope I'm not asking too much of you to affiliate with other wiki's since you are working as a part time content member for the Fandom Community. Though It's good that you are able to take a break from Community Central for a while!

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    • Of course, completely agree similar, and different – a mix of affiliations are good, some based on the release dates, indeed any and all reasons. Exactly like the current affiliations, you have affiliated with an excellently varied choice! Those ones are not, for example affiliated with Given, so with us also there, it’s broadening the amount of wikis that can be shared collectively between the wikis we are on.

      Are you happy with the current wordmark simply having ‘Wiki’ added somewhere? Or was it a different logo? If you post what you would like, even if no one replies it’s that you took the initiative is what counts.

      Will try and do both! Adding to previous wikis, and focusing on the upcoming ones. I suggested A Destructive God Sits Next to Me, did you have any new upcoming wikis that you thought would be good to develop? Let's list them all then we can plan the time spent on each one and that. It was very nice of you to say and it is mutual! Your commitment is exceptionally impressive and many a wiki owe what they are due to your fantastic efforts!

      Obviously it’s never too much asking me anything, and always up for helping with planning affiliates and that, yet let’s make sure we get them ‘right’ by having the best mix in the larger picture considering all the wikis. Like Pet's affiliates are coming up, and they could be completely different ones to wikis we are on, but we can revisit this later.

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    • I don't have any upcoming wiki's that seem interesting to me at the moment, but I hope that more anime's will come out in the coming year!

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    • Naturally you’ll find some upcoming anime to enjoy, and meanwhile it’s perfect to reflect on developing the current wikis, shall we work together for the mentioned ones? Like with Gakuen Heaven for the characters, brief overviews for each character per episode – just something to remind people of what they done in the episode rather than total coverage like with Given (which works there). If we split characters it’s even easier between us.

      I can cover the Pet episode and character areas for the wiki, unless you wanted to work on parts. Did you want to watch the a destructive god anime? It’s a comedy series where I could write the character experiences in each episode, and you the episode summaries (again, just a brief account of events since that is more practical) or you may simply just want to watch the anime and not edit the wiki and that’s completely fine. Same with Haikyuu being released, anime recommendations cannot go amiss!

      Some ideas for planning stuff if that sounds good, like when you are next on, the seven pages in the blog comments for Pet could be created and edited for the badge, I can see to adding the details when the articles are made. Let me know which parts if any sound like good plans of action!

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    • I can help with both Gakuen Heaven and the Pet Wiki!

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    • It'll be some good tag team exercises! For Gakuen Heaven, might I suggest we cover specific episodes each to avoid overlap, and cover more between us? Like if you detail character experiences from Episode 1, I'll write up the content for Episode 2 and so forth if that sounds like a practical plan?

      Excellent with being able to make the pages for the Pet Wiki as well (are you able to make them now with us all on?) with that did you find the series seemed too freaky to get into? The visions are the characters feeling the inner turmoils of others, and as I said, plot wise it's like Banana Fish, with episode 1 far more amazing than anything that could have been anticipated. With the first episode out, give it a whirl if you have not already!

      If you need help with any other wikis be sure to list them, and enjoy the anime/wikis/everything!

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    • I'll think about the character's experiences for each episode, but it might be too long and broad for users to not bother with reading their experiences when they can just watch the episodes.

      OMG, yes, I saw the first episode of Pet and let me tell you I did not expect to see a hallucination of Hiroki unbuttoning and licking Tsukasa's chest. I mean this went from a 0 to a 10 real fast! I'll have to find the 2nd episode to watch online!

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    • I completely get that; if it’s helpful, see for Keita here, it’s a few sentences for Episode 2 which is both a reminder to those who have seen the anime which episode the specifics happen, and people reading the article have an idea what will happen, and hopefully then would want to see the anime now having an understanding of what it’s about. It's that kind of concise episode summaries for characters in mind.

      That’s much more time efficient as well, it was incredible work you done on Given with the detailed episode pages, but now we can try something different with more concise yet still informative accounts on character sections and they will all work brilliantly on a case by case basis.

      That’s only if you think that is best for Gakuen Heaven, with the affiliations, was assuming you needed help there. Whether you wanted episode headings, or references to tell people what happens (concisely) in each episode, to having relationships on a different page, just tell me what the vision is and let’s make it happen to do justice to the wiki and the series now that there's some windows of time!

      Yes, Pet was next level stuff; it was so surprising that everything was included as well. Some people make a note on whether an adaption is faithful to the source material, so even the most discerning of viewers can be extra impressed with the anime... Wrote that but I’ll reply to this message on the Pet Wiki XD but yes with Gakuen Heaven it could be sentences for each episode to help viewers remind themselves of instances in each episode, and helping newcomers understand how lovely the anime is so whichever path you like, let's go for!

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