• WOOOOO! Congrats for making No.6 the anime spotlight of the month. That is a huge milestone for both you and the wiki!

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    • It's simply amazing! It was the right time, too, it's excellent to have a more or less established wiki that still has a large area in the manga pages that people are able to add to if they would like.

      But of course most importantly it's to share a very special series in No.6 with everyone. The light novels, manga and anime, everything just got to show all the best things for real!

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    • I'll make sure to remember this series and watch it again when I'm much older!

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    • An interesting perspective, watching things in the future to see how they hold up or if it is the same, or even better than what you remember with additional viewings. Then do we delay seeing it again, reading the manga or light novels in case it interferes with all our best impressions of what we have seen. No, not just No.6 but anything you love will always be the best! 

      Haha, just thinking out loud but yes whichever is nicest for you!

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