• Bans may be applied for various offences not limited to: Vandalizing, Spamming, Removing Important Info from pages, Creating Unnecessary Pages, Uploading spoiler materials, and any other un-constructive actions.
    • No need to worry, every ban can be lifted, so if you think you were wrongly banned, or realize you are better than past transgressions, leave a message on your own talkpage. An admin will review it, and they will be happy to afford you another chance (Warning: Please consider that it would not make sense to unlift bans if unhelpful behaviour continued. In addition, the length of the ban varies on the extent of the wrongdoing).
  • If you believe a user should be banned, leave a message on an admin's talk page, along with the reason on why you think the user should be banned. The admin will review it, check the user's edit history, and decide on what to do.
  • Always remember to perform good community service by referring users who resort to personal attacks, and other unkind behaviour to an admin.

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