Hi, and welcome to the No.6 Wikia, the Internet site anyone can edit. This page is all about the No.6 Wiki. Please take your time to read this page as you start edit, to find more about this page, as well as some rules to follow in order to maintain organized and clean articles. It doesn't take much time and you'll find some good advice and help.

Mission[edit source]

No.6 Wikia is an independent, non-profit site whose mission is to work to store all the information related to the No.6 universe, such as information about characters, places, news, etc., for all the people who seek to understand the series: No.6.

Vision[edit source]

No.6 Wikia's vision is to create the most vast compendium in English about No.6 manga, anime and everything related to the No.6 universe.

Images[edit source]

To add images to the Wikia, please make sure that they are done, and check if they exist already. If they don't exist and if they are necessary for the appearance of the Wikia, the images that will be posted onto the Wikia have to be in the best quality possible. Any pictures that are not, at least, good quality and/or are misplaced in the articles, will be deleted or changed into ones of better quality. If a user wishes to know how to add an image, this page will help, as well as the No.6 Wikia users.

Fan Art and Fan Fiction[edit source]

In order to create/maintain high quality articles, all fan fiction, personal opinions, speculations, information from other Wikias and information extracted from forums, are not allowed on the main articles unless it is discussed first.

Fan art are not allowed as well. Only the images that have no personal content or modifications from its original image, without additional personal contents, will be accepted. Exceptions may include translated images (e.g. Japanese to English) and credits for an image source. Acceptable images would include screenshots and official artwork.

Others[edit source]

Vandalism and Language[edit source]

Removing content and information that are important to the pages, is considered as vandalism. This is a encyclopedia of information based on the No.6 series; we use official and correct terms in explanations and/or appearance; vulgar and/or mundane terms are not the preferred forms to use. This wiki will not be tolerant of inappropriate language in the Wikia article, forums or anywhere else on the Wikia.

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