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This is the fifth light novel for No.6.


Chapter One[]

The chapter begins with Karan having a nightmare about Shion. She is awaken by Lili and Yoming and they try to comfort her. Karan is still haunted by the thought of Shion being in danger.

Lili snaps Karan out of her daze when she points out the two mice in their presence. Sending Lili off to find cheese, she opens the capsule one is holding to read the note. It is from Nezumi, saying that they will reunite. She relaxes with the thought of Nezumi bringing Shion back alive and well. Yoming wonders what the paper is and Karan says it's a letter, which is much more delightful than electronic mail.

Lili talks about how scared she was when Karan passed out since it was similar to what happened with her own father. Lili says that she likes her new father but is still pained by the memory of her real father. Yoming says that her father was indirectly murdered and that higher authority concealed his job projects and had the power to conceal his true reason of death. The other workers associated with the project have also gone missing or did not exist, as robots could be used to do construction as well.

Throughout the conversation between Karan and Yoming about the situation with Lili's father and the ability of robots, Karan continues getting flashbacks to memories of Shion. Lili tells Karan that her mother is pregnant.

Yoming talks about how the ambulance they called during Lili's father's death came unusually fast, which is something very rare in the Lost Town. They continue to discuss the oddities of the circumstances surrounding that event.

Yoming talks about his paranoia of the possibility that his memory is wiped and Karan starts to dwell on the dominance and monstrosity that is No. 6. Lili voices concerning information about how No. 6 is heaven and that anyone who is unhappy should be punished. Karan remembers her experience with an elderly neighbor who talks of her emptiness and fear who dies happily.

Light Novel VS Anime[]

  • It is here in the novel that Karan receives the note from Nezumi saying that they will reunite. The anime shows this scene during the plot of the fourth light novel.



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