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This is the fourth light novel for No. 6


Chapter One[]

The chapter opens up with the perspective of a man in a jacket talking about how cold it is. His jacket has temperature sensors. But the man was shivering, not because of the cold, but because of the darkness.

This man lives in No. 6 and held an important position in the Central Administration Bureau.

He wonders why the man that was supposed to get him hasn't arrived yet. He decides to wait a bit longer.

It is shown that travel between blocks are prohibited unless there's a reason and an application.

The Central Administration Bureau is a department that manages all of the city's information and where the daily actions of each individual were recorded. This man used his high position to overwrite his own personal records saying that he had entered West Block. He knew it was a crime and was nervous should he be exposed.

Just as he was about to leave, a man calls out his name, which turns out to be Fura. Rikiga, the man who calls out his name, apologizes for the wait and explained that there was a slight delay and that there's nothing to worry about. When pressed further, Rikiga explains that he was delayed finding a woman of his liking. Fura seems to be satisfied when Rikiga explains that he had picked out the best for him.

Fura thinks about how he is at a much higher position than Rikiga and the women and that he saw them as insects. He says that he's been raised to think as such since childhood.

Fura follows Rikiga into an outdated gasoline car that was uncomfortable and jerked often. Fura thinks about how he had complained the first few times, but now he didn't care.

Fura asks Rikiga what kind of girl he'll be meeting up with. Rikiga explains that unlike the last one, this one is a perfect match to his tastes, and has a small frame, is slender, very young, has no experience with men yet, and has a southern appearance.

When Rikiga tells him that giving this kind of job to a young, inexperienced girl, it doesn't bode well with his conscience, Fura internally calls him a liar, and that he'd do anything for money. Rikiga stops the car at a hotel, which Fura doesn't recognize. He explains that the girl would only take customers in her own room. When Fura starts to protest, Rikiga explains that there's nothing to worry about since her family has been temporarily removed. However, he explains that they won't be alone since there'll be swarms of dogs. Fura in confused that there would be a dog shop and wonders if they skin and sell the dogs as meat.

Fura tells himself that he does not trust Rikiga at all, but knows that he is a highly-valued customer to him, so he assured himself that Rikiga wouldn't harm him.

Entering the hotel, Fura sees the hotel rotting and the smell of a faint odor he'd never smelled before. He then notices shadowy figures everywhere, which turn out to be dogs. When Fura asks why there are dogs, Rikiga explains that they have many uses, but he has no concern about them.

Rikiga leads Fura into the room. Fura starts thinking about how the aged door looks warm and gentle, like an old madam. He think stops himself since in No. 6, imagining and daydreaming were frowned upon and he would be fired if someone caught him doing so.

The door opens and Fura sees that the room has a low ceiling and is dark. There weren't any windows and there was limited furniture. He spots the girl with the blanket over her head, sitting on the bed. He notices that the figure was small and thin. Rikiga asks if Fura thinks she's a gem. Fura replies that he needs to see more first, lowering himself onto the bed and inspecting the person.

When Fura starts to lick the girl's neck, Rikiga turns to leave, but is stopped by Fura. Rikiga asks if something is wrong, to which Fura responds that Rikiga hasn't asked for his payment yet. When Rikiga says that he had forgotten about it, Fura grows suspicious since he knows that Rikiga is quite money-based.

The "girl" on the bed snaps and leaps out of the bed, spewing profanities at Fura. Fura, astonished that it turned out to be a boy, asks Rikiga who that is. Rikiga responds that he just wanted to see if Fura would realize that he had a different preference of gender, which makes the boy asks why Rikiga didn't just follow the plan.

Fura gets confused but decides that he must quickly leave since it was dangerous to remain. Rikiga tries to persuade him to stay, but Fura pulls out a small, electric handgun out and aims it between Rikiga's eyes.

Another voice comes up behind Fura and cover's his mouth and well as grips his wrist. He notices that he can't tells what gender it is. This voice seduces Fura into actually wanting to stay, but Fura was immediately slammed to the floor and knocked out.

Later, Inukashi, who was the girl, gets mad at Nezumi, who was the other voice, for not sticking to the plan. Nezumi replies by telling him to be quiet as he searches Fura's pockets. Inukashi demands to know why Nezumi didn't come out earlier. Nezumi responds that he forgot his line and was rereading his script. This induces more profanities out of Inukashi, saying that in the few minutes that Nezumi was late, he had gotten licked and molested on the leg.

Inukashi asks why Nezumi couldn't have been the one on the bed since he would make the perfect prostitute. Shion then speaks up, saying that Inukashi has gone too far. Inukashi, however, turns on Shion, asking why he didn't rush out the moment he sat on the bed like they had planned.

Shion starts to speak but stops himself, thinking about how he had intended to act on it, but Nezumi had stopped him.

Fura wakes up and demands for them to move so he can go home. When he starts to draw something out from his pocket, Nezumi rushes forward and asks the man to stay longer so they can give him a good time. After Nezumi speaks, Shion steps out from behind the partition and stands by Inukashi. Fura was groaning on the floor.

Inukashi demands for Shion to continue what he was saying earlier, calling him useless. Shion couldn't talk back.

Nezumi picks up the man's gun, which he explains is a self-defense gun that would become fatal at point-blank range. When Inukashi asks why Nezumi waited until the man picked up his gun to take it, Nezumi replies that it reduces the risk. This makes Inukashi mad, saying that he had to deal with Fura while they were discussing risks.

Nezumi takes out five gold coins from Fura's leather pouch, which Rikiga explains is more than what he usually charged him since he didn't want to look suspicious. Nezumi tosses a gold coin to Inukashi, who misses. Shion picks up the coin for Inukashi and notices that his fingers were trembling. Upon further inspection, Shion realizes that Inukashi was shaking and that he must've been really scared. He note that the Inukashi who had several dogs at his command and feared nothing was shaking from fear and humiliation.

After realizing that Inukashi had to do something like at a young age, Shion apologizes to him. In response, Inukashi leans onto Shion's arm and starts telling them that he hates them and he hated doing that. He continues, saying that he tried so hard to not scream for help, to which Shion realizes that he feels agitated. He then realizes that Inukashi's shoulder feels like Safu's and gets confused.

When Inukashi detaches, Nezumi tosses him another gold coin, which Inukashi catches. Nezumi explains that it's bonus allowance, to which Inukashi sarcastically comments of how nice Nezumi is. Nezumi tells Inukashi that he did this job for the money anyways and says that there won't be a next time they have to do something like this. Nezumi then gives the remaining gold coins to Rikiga, saying that money will probably be useless to him from here on.

Nezumi gets confused as to why Rikiga isn't accepting the coins, to which he responds that the only reason they got the coins was because they stole it from a high official, and that he's scared that this endeavor would cost their lives. Rikiga asks if Nezumi is afraid to die. Nezumi confidently responds that they'll be the ones to survive.

When Rikiga tells him that there's not even a fraction of possibility that they'll survive, Nezumi responds that they'll never know unless they try. Nezumi asks for Rikiga's hand and puts the three gold coins in them. He tells him to be like Inukashi and humbly accept the money, saying that they can't turn back now. Rikiga agrees hesitantly, saying that they'll be accomplices to the very end. Rikiga then asks what would happen if he surrendered the role, to which Nezumi responds that he'd kill him if Rikiga wanted to.

Nezumi starts to talk about how stabbing a person is harder than it thinks, and if he misses the vital spot, the victim would have to suffer until death. Inukashi and Rikiga both agree that he's a devil, but Shion tells himself that he's not a devil since Nezumi had continuously saved his life and soul. He thinks about how Nezumi had taught Shion the limitless world and that without him, he would've continued living in No. 6 without knowing anything. Nezumi had taught Shion how to live. He then realizes that he had gotten everyone involved, not Nezumi.

Inukashi notices that Shion seems scary and asks what's wrong. Shion starts to explain that it's not his fault, but stops when he makes eye contact with Nezumi. Nezumi drops his gaze and recites a line from Mephistopheles. Shion explains that he is a demon that appears in the book Faust. Inukashi then says that the devil is reciting the devil's line, and as Shion tries to protest, the man starts to wake up.

Rikiga then tells Shion that Nezumi is the devil and that Shion is the one that doesn't know the reality of it, but that's just his opinion.

Chapter Two[]

Fura wakes up to see Rikiga, asking him what's going on. Fura asks if Rikiga is after money, saying that he won't be let off for doing something like this. Nezumi joins in the conversation, saying that they don't plan to be let off. Fura tells Rikiga that Nezumi is a finer specimen, which makes Nezumi tell him that he can have him, but it'll cost more than five gold coins. Fura stops smiling and asks what he wants if not money. Nezumi replies that he wants information.

Fura retorts, saying that filth like him doesn't deserve the information. Nezumi then slaps Fura across the face twice with a blank-face before continuing to attack him. Shion gets scares and goes to stop him, but Inukashi stops him from doing so. He tells Shion that the fun's just getting started and that he shouldn't intervene. Shion replies that this is too much, to which Inukashi responds that he had told him that Nezumi was kind earlier. When Shion agrees on saying that, Inukashi tells him to watch and see how kind Nezumi is.

Shion then realizes that the man probably wouldn't know about the information since computers process that sort of stuff. He then remembers that the mayor would probably provide more information. He remembers Karan turning off the TV and saying that she doesn't like the mayor because his ears twitch like a beast.

After getting questioned without any progress, Fura tells Nezumi to untie him, which Nezumi does. He then puts glass shards in the man's hand and closes it, putting the man in more pain as Nezumi tries to get him to talk. This prompts Shion to rush forward and ram into Nezumi, stopping the man's pain. Nezumi, with a blank expression still, tells Shion to not get in the way. Shion then tells him that this isn't right and that he should stop. Nezumi reminds him that this isn't an act, this is war.

When Nezumi says that Fura isn't human since he treats the West Block people like insects, Shion tells him that he doesn't want to see Nezumi hurt anyone like this. A voice in his head tells Shion that all of this is his fault, that he started everything.

When Shion starts to confront Fura about Safu, Fura tells him to hurry up and treat his hand wound since it hurts so much. Shion examines it, seeing that the wounds are shallow and that there's no threat to his life as long as thee is no infection.

Shion asks Rikiga for his booze and stream water. After Rikiga leaves, Shion continues to ask Fura for information. Apparently, the new facility being built inside the Correctional Facility is so secret that even a man with a position like Fura's isn't allowed to get involved. Fura does know that the city has invested a lot of money into the project due to the budget in the assembly pamphlet. There was no problem at the assembly and the mayor proposed the project himself. Fura doesn't know any project team members.

Inukashi comments that just because the mayor proposed the project, he has free reign over the funds without anyone knowing and without giving an explanation.

Rikiga returns, carrying the water in a pail. Shion then asks for a clean cloth, which Rikiga gives. He then gives him a bottle of gin from his precious stash. After dressing the wounds, Fura asks why a sixteen-year old boy like him has white hair. Shion explains that there are multiple reasons as to why his hair's like that. Shion then tells Fura that he's not a resident of West Block, but that he came from within No. 6. After telling Fura what his occupation was, Inukashi gets annoyed and tells Shion that Fura is the one who's supposed to be giving out answer, not him.

When Fura says that he has no idea what the facility is for, Shion tells him to imagine what sort of thing the mayor would build. Fura thinks for a bit and responds that the Health and Hygiene bureau may be involved. He continues, saying that doctors from the Municipal Hospital had been transferred to an unknown place that wasn't registered. However, he didn't look into it.

Shion mentions to Fura that they've heard of a disease going around. The city hasn't made a public announcement about the disease. After talking about how the people died, he stops himself, saying that the Health and Hygiene Bureau has a section called Sample Collection Status.

He continues, saying that he doesn't exactly know what the samples are, but he does know that you need a special password to access the collection status. All he knows is that the Sample Collection Status and the mayor's project are connected.

Nezumi tells Shion that that's about all they can get out of Fura. Fura then gets scared that Nezumi's going to kill him, to which Nezumi responds that he will. Shion stops Nezumi and Rikiga leaves to pull the car around. Nezumi tells Shion that Fura is the enemy and that they cannot let him go, but Shion says that he's not necessary anymore.

Shion explains that Fura won't be able to tell anyone about what's happened because he'd be threatening his own life. Nezumi asks him another time if he's going to let Fura leave alive, to which Shion replies, "Yes."

Nezumi then puts his knife against Shion's throat, telling him that he's sick of his stupid justice and fake goodwill. He says that he's been meaning to tell him that he won't survive if he continues like this. Nezumi cuts his neck a little bit and then pulls away. Shion then realizes that this action was, in fact, the feat of a devil.

When Shion apologizes to Fura about the horrible things they've done to him, Fura tells him that he's heard of a first-degree criminal called Shion that was a fallen elite that had gone insane, poisoned his co-worker, and fled. Shion wryly smiles, saying that the situation must've been blown out of proportions. Shion then thinks about the hardships his mother must be facing and how he needed the power to filter out his feelings in order to survive.

Fura says that Shion's face has changed from the first-degree criminal he had seen on the screen. Shion says that his hair color and weight has changed, but Fura actually meant that the person on screen had deranged eyes and an aggressive look, not gentle eyes like his. Rikiga explains that it's easy to modify someone's face and that the authorities can twist information to their benefit. Fura explains that he's never manipulated information and that he's only handled it's management and release.

Rikiga then asks if Fura had ever doubted where the information was coming from. When Fura says no, Rikiga tells him that the first-degree criminal he saw and Shion is the gap between false information and the truth. Fura doesn't protest.

Fura then asks Shion about his friend that he wanted to help, Safu. When told Safu's citizenship number, Fura says that he doesn't remember any incident with that number. Shion explains that the incident happened in secret. Fura seems to be surprised that Shion and the other plan to help a criminal break down, to which Shion responds that Safu is not a criminal, her captors are.

When Rikiga says that Fura needs to go home soon, Fura says that he has the latest version of the inside of the Correctional Facility. Inukashi takes out a mouse robot to show Fura the hologram layout they have so far and asks if there are any mistakes. Fura takes out an electronic pen and updates the hologram by three-fold. Shion notices that the electrical barrier would be enough to kill a person. Nezumi calls the layout a place of holocaust.

Nezumi explains that the reduce in cells must mean that most prisoners are being disposed off before they even get to their cells, like trash. Nezumi asks Fura why he knows so much about the detailed layout of the Correctional Facility, to which Fura responds that he's looked at it recently in the top-secret files.

Nezumi asks what the top-secret files are, asking if they are about the Hunt. Inukashi and Rikiga tense up at the mention of the Hunt and Shion feels uneasy not knowing what it meant.

Fura explains that it's called a Clean-up and that there's no set date, but will probably be before the Holy Celebration. Shion thinks about the Holy Celebration, which is a day full of festivals celebrating the birth of the city. Fura says that the population in the West Block has grown too large and that violent crimes are increasing, which would result in a Clean-up.

Shion asks Nezumi what the Hunt is and what they're going to do to West Block before the Holy Celebration. Nezumi tells him to think for himself. He then says, in a softer tone, that his imagination may not be enough to imagine what reality is like.

Fura asks to go home and Shion thanks him for everything. Fura asks if Shion really isn't considering returning to the Holy City, to which he responds that it's not a place where he wants to return. Fura calls him a fool and leaves, Rikiga following after him.

Inukashi talks about an old tale about the wind and the sun seeing who can make the man take his coat off. No matter how much the wind tries, the man only holds onto his coat tighter, but the sun shines down on him and the man takes his coat off because of the heat. When Nezumi tells him to get to the point, Inukashi says that the wind and sun are like him and Shion, respectively.

Nezumi gets back to the hologram and asks if Shion thinks they can trust this floor plan even though there's a chance he faked it. When Shion says that he trusts it, Nezumi calls him naïve. Shion explains that he doesn't have a reason to lie and besides, it's the furthest they've progressed in terms of information, leaving them no choice but to believe it.

Inukashi starts to laugh and tells Shion that Nezumi is actually impressed that Fura gave any information so easily and that he sees Shion in a new light since Shion was the one to get the information out of him. He then says that if Nezumi is impressed, he should just admit it, to which Nezumi gets mad.

Inukashi goes back to being serious and asks Nezumi if he really plans to use the Hunt as a way to get into the Correctional Facility. Nezumi says that he is planning to use the Hunt, and luckily, the next Hunt will be soon. He continues, saying that Inukashi has something to do outside of the Facility. He then tells Shion to memorize the entire floorplan since they won't be able to take any unrecognizable machines without getting killed and they won't have time to pull out a map.

When Nezumi asks how confident Shion is in this assignment, Shion says that he feels very confident, which Nezumi doesn't expect. Nezumi comments that Shion would be good at brain-work, to which Shion replies that it doesn't matter whether he's good or not since it's something he has to do since lives depended on it.

Nezumi chuckles and says that Shion finally learned to grasp the situation and Shion puts the credit to Nezumi. Nezumi then tells Shion to stay close to him and not wander off since the Hunt is coming soon. Inukashi tells them that it'd be a miracle if the two of them got into the Correctional Facility and got out without dying or going insane. He continues, saying that he'll survive to tell his dogs about his mother. Nezumi tells him that his deceased mother would be happy to hear that. In a woman's voice, Nezumi tells him goodnight and that he'll need the strength for tomorrow, disappearing out the door before Inukashi could say anything.

When Inukashi says that he'll be the one to live, Shion replies that everyone will live.

Nezumi makes one last comment, saying that if Inukashi wanted a goodnight kiss, Shion would give a very passionate kiss. Shion yells after him as Nezumi laughs in the distance.

Chapter Three[]

Nezumi tells Shion that he should write a letter to his mother, saying that Hamlet enjoys delivering the messages since he gets fed.

Shion wonders if Nezumi's place gets hot during the summer since underground would be pretty cool, and judging by the condition of the books, it doesn't get humid. Nezumi replies that it's better than Inukashi's hotel. Shion starts to wonder about cooking the food without the heater, realizing that Nezumi must cook outside with a fire.

Nezumi asks Shion I he really plans on staying in the West Block during the summer, to which he responds that he would as long as Nezumi doesn't kick him out. Nezumi wonders what it would be like that far in the future since he's never thought about surviving that far ahead. Shion says that he wants to see summer alive here, to which Nezumi replies that it'll be a hard wish to grant.

They start to discuss the disease in No. 6. While Nezumi thinks if could be a new virus, Shion doesn't believe that it's a virus because No. 6 has tight security and wouldn't let a foreign virus enter. They both go silent until Nezumi asks Shion if he's thinking what he's thinking: that the wasps didn't come from outside, but were inside No. 6 all along.

Shion starts to think about how mutations wouldn't be possible until Nezumi falls forward limply. Shion's mind goes blank as he starts to panic, desperately calling his name. He holds up Nezumi's face and hears Nezumi groaning to stop. Nezumi's arms start to shake violently. Shion tries to calm down, but cannot. Fear takes in as he fears that Nezumi may have a wasp in him, saying that if Nezumi died, he wouldn't be able to stay sane.

Nezumi weakly calls out for Shion to help him, to which Shion puts Nezumi down on the ground and inspects his neck. While it is drenched with sweat, there's no abnormality. His pulse is quicker than normal but not erratic. Nezumi didn't seem to have breathing trouble or vomiting. Shion promises to help Nezumi and desperately wishes for Nezumi to answer him.

The paragraph transitions into Nezumi's perspective from some moments ago when Shion was talking about the possibility of a mutation. Nezumi thinks about how he would rebel fate. He thinks about how he likes Shion's hair now than before but wouldn't say it aloud. He was about to caress Shion's hair until a flash of light went through his head and it felt as if his consciousness was being stolen.

As Nezumi falls, he hears someone singing a song to him. He wants to plug his ears but he cannot move. He could see a wide expanse of grass and the buzzing of wings. He suddenly remembers the scene and the song. He starts to refuse being dragged in by the thing and felt that someone was embracing him. He calls that person his lifeline and refused to let go, holding on with all his strength. As the person hugging him is visible, he realizes that it's Shion and clings tighter.

The next scene shows Fura walking into an elevator with two Security Bureau officials beside him. He wonders why he's being arrested and asks if he's in the Correctional Facility. He starts to shake, thinking about how he had told his wife, who worked at the Traffic Administration Bureau, that he had just fallen down the stairs in the park.

He remembers that his son had told him that a black bug was flying.

When he had gotten to the gates of Chronos, Security Bureau officials stop him and tell him that the mayor has ordered for his destination to change. He is blindfolded as he boards the Security Bureau car. He recalls the beauty of the darkness in the West Block.

Fura begins to get terrified and desperately asks the officials where he's headed, but to no avail. He's put into an electrical wheelchair and taken to the elevator. As he sees men and women in white lab coats, he wonders if this is the Correctional Facility.

The mayor is shown in the next scene talking to a man in a white lab coat that had told him that preparations are complete. The man in the lab coat notices that the mayor looks pale and that he'll write him a prescription later, saying that he must stay healthy. He continues, asking what the mayor has done with the girl. The mayor replies that he's taken a liking to her and that he'll treat her well.

They start talking about an elite who had gone into West Block without a valid reason and had recently gotten wounds on his face. There are also strong suspicions that he manipulated records. The mayor says that the elite should be punished. The man in the lab coat then reveals the mayor's name, which is Fennec.

The man says that he'll be the king of the land, so he doesn't need to care about one or two defective products. The mayor agrees and the man continues, saying that the elite will be contributing to their good. The mayor nods and ushers the man out.

In the next scene, a bare room called Experiment Chamber I is shown with a man bound to chair in it. The man with the lab coat is on the control panel, tapping buttons to a beat.

The man in the lab coat asks the mayor if he'll declare the man's sentence. When the mayor says no, the man continues, asking if the mayor will save the terrified man and give him a chance to beg God for forgiveness and acknowledge his crime. The mayor scoffs, asking if he believes in God. The man in the lab coat says he doesn't, but explains that people may want to be at ease by obtaining God's mercy. The mayor says that those people don't exist in No. 6 and the man apologizes and says that they'll begin.

The man pushes a button which shows the criminal's heart rate, brain waves, and other various measurements of the body. He continues, saying that the room is emitting waves at a frequency beyond human hearing. The mayor notices that nothing is changing and the man says that it'll take some time and invites him for coffee.

After some time passes, the mayor notices no changes and wonders if there has been some sort of failure. The man stiffens and the mayor remembers that he hates the word "failure". He changes the topic, asking about the recent incidents. The man says that he can counts on him making sure that the incidents cease.

The criminal starts to move around and they both start to watch. After the man starts to deteriorate, a wasp flies out. A robotic ball floats up from the chair and captures the wasp. The man declares this a success. The man continues on, saying that it's not near perfect, but eventually they'll be able to control the wasps.

The body is carted away to the autopsy room and the chair is stored, leaving an empty room. The man calms himself, saying that he mustn't overindulge in his happiness and that he'll need more human samples. When prompted, the man says that it doesn't matter where or who they are. The mayor replies that there'll be a Clean-up soon, which excites the man, who asks for more intelligent individuals. The mayor is hesitant to deliver more elites, but the man says that this must be top priority. After leaving to go to the Moondrop, the mayor wonders if he really needs the man. He thinks about executing him as a way of intimidating the people and wonders if the citizens would rebel.

He goes to the car to go to a scheduled meeting, thinking to himself that he cannot get ahead of himself.

Chapter Four[]

Nezumi is shown walking among the grass. Someone calls out his real name and he begins to hear a song and the beating of wings. Nezumi sees shadows dancing to a song and more buzzing until Shion wakes him up.

Shion then starts to quiz Nezumi on math problems and if he knows where he is. He answers correctly, so Shion asks him what he's eaten. Despite Nezumi's questions, Shion dodges them, asking him to tell him what he felt. Nezumi tells him that a wind was blowing and stole his soul away. Nezumi notes that his throat feels painful, so he drinks water and asks Shion if he's worried about brain damage. Shion replies that he had fainted so suddenly so he had to take all precautions.

Shion checks Nezumi's neck and finds no abnormalities, telling him that he doesn't have a parasite wasp. Nezumi starts to joke about not minding having Shion's hair, to which Shion telling him to stop joking. Nezumi tells him to relax since it's just a fainting spell, to which Shion tells him not to overestimate himself. He tells him that he should recognize that he didn't have a simple fainting spell which makes Nezumi yell even though he didn't lose control of his temper.

Nezumi tells himself that he doesn't want someone being concerned about his health nor did he want to be cared about. When Shion starts to inspect his hand without being too affected by Nezumi yelling, Nezumi stands up and tells Shion to dance with him.

Shion protests, saying that Nezumi should get rest and that the space in the room would be too small. He starts to tell Shion the basic steps, telling him that he's doing well. After some time, Shion trips on his feet and falls, saying that dancing takes your whole body, something that he didn't know before.

Shion notices that he's more tired than Nezumi and asks if that was to prove the point that Nezumi is stronger, more resilient, and has more energy. However, Shion puts his hand on the base of Nezumi's neck, sending chills down Nezumi's neck even though he's not in danger. Shion tells him that he thought a wasp was going to come out of the place where his hand is and that he thought he was going to die. He continues, saying that he not worried about him for his sake, but for his own because he knows how terrified he'd be if he lost Nezumi.

Nezumi recognizes that Shion is basically confessing to him, but he can't bring himself to ridicule him, not because he's moved by his confession though.

Shion leaves to go sleep on the floor, telling Nezumi that he sweated a lot and is probably more drained.

Nezumi thinks about how he couldn't avoid Shion's hand, which means that he had let his guard down. He then morbidly thinks that he's going to get killed.

He thinks about how he only felt fear when Shion's hand was on his neck and that Shion was the first person to make him unable to move.

He thinks about how all emotion vanished from Shion's face during that moment, giving him the look of a murderer. He wonders if he was the one who hasn't known anything all along. He wonders if the sheltered, intelligent, and gentle boy who couldn't kill or hate was his true nature. He realizes that he and Shion has an intimate connection that he couldn't sever not matter how much he was against it.

As he realizes that he hasn't seen Shion properly from the beginning, only looking at the bright parts of him instead of the darker parts, he questions what Shion is.

The next day, an old dog at Inukashi's place had suddenly died. The dog turns out to be Inukashi's uncle and was close to a hundred years old in human years. Shion and Inukashi use hand-shovels and scraps of wood to dig up a grave and when Shion asks Nezumi for help, he refuses. Shion then mentions that Nezumi has to sing the dog a funeral song to send off his spirit, but Nezumi says that singing requires a fee. Inukashi and Nezumi start to fight about food and they run off, leaving Shion alone to dig the grave and bury the dog.

Inukashi gets his bag of crackers back from Nezumi and puts the bag back into the locked cabinet whose lock had been picked. Inukashi throws a pebble at Nezumi and asks him if he has something on his mind. When Nezumi replies that nothing has ever been in his mind, Inukashi says that he always has to think about wages and food for the dogs. Nezumi then says that the Hunt may be coming in a day or two, saying that he can feel it coming. He wonders if he should tell the West Block residents so they can run away before the Hunt begins.

Inukashi tells him that running would be pointless because there would be nowhere to run and that why people haven't run yet. Inukashi thought that Nezumi would've known that they couldn't escape this, saying that he shouldn't even have to say something like that. Inukashi wonders if Nezumi is scared about what's about to happen, but told himself that Nezumi would never.

Nezumi tells him that he's right, but says that Shion hasn't mentioned letting everyone know so they can escape. He says that Shion is catching on to what the Hunt is. Inukashi asks what nagging Nezumi and asks if Shion's the reason he's scared.

As Nezumi's about to leave, he starts to stagger and hears singing again. Inukashi wonders if Nezumi has a disease and tries to go and get Shion, but Nezumi stops him and makes sure he can't leave. After a bit, he stands up and tells Inukashi that he had opened a secret compartment and taken a silver coin and the bag of crackers to pay for Shion's day of work.

The scene switches to Shion, who finished burying the dog and had put a stone as a tombstone. He starts to pray for the dog when Nezumi walks up to him and asks what he's doing. They talk about how the dog has lived a full life and is lucky to have died from old age instead of another cause. He asks why Nezumi took Inukashi's crackers and Nezumi tells him that it's for his payment. Shion asks if that's ripping him off, to which Nezumi responds that Inukashi had a job worth two gold coins, so he'll be fine.

Shion asks where Inukashi is and he responds that Inukashi is probably crying because he can't believe that he let Nezumi take his crackers and coin. Shion gest worried for him and starts to asks him a question, but doesn't finish it.

Shion thinks about how Safu had confessed to him, but he wasn't able to return the feelings since he couldn't love Safu in the way she wanted him to.

Nezumi and Shion get caught by Disposers, so Nezumi throws a pebble between the man's eyes and they start to escape through an alleyway. As they get ready to run, Nezumi's playhouse manager stops him and asks why he hasn't been coming. When Nezumi asks if he can take time off, the manager says that most of his audience comes to see him and that he doesn't want to lose any money. The manager asks him to talk to him about complaints, to which Nezumi responds that he has too many to list.

As his manager tries to negotiate with Nezumi, Shion hears the sound of destruction, signaling that the Hunt had started.

Chaos ensues and Nezumi yells to run. Shion hears loud explosions over their heads and people screaming for help. Nezumi tells Shion to look at armored trucks, which are older models but have working ammo. Nezumi wonders if they used the Hunt to test out the old models. Shion didn't know until now that No. 6 had an army since the six cities had agreed on a peace treaty and forbid the use of weapons. But he wasn't surprised since No. 6 needed weapons to oppress and erase the people.

Nezumi comments on how he thought Shion would panic, to which Shion responds that Nezumi had trained him well.

Shion hears a mother yelling for someone to save her baby. Shion sees one of Inukashi's dogs and tells the mother to give him the baby. When asked, Shion explains that he'll send the baby to the hotel ruins with the dog and tells the mother to go to the hotel ruins if she lives.

The soldiers start to kill the people who rebel and everyone quiets down. When Shion sees a corpse collapse onto the ground, Nezumi makes him calm down. Shion calms down, telling himself that his heart was stolen by Nezumi, but he'll still remain human and by his side.

He holds Nezumi's hand tightly and tells himself that he wants to stay human. Nezumi asks him to keep his sanity as the soldiers pull up a large, black truck to transport the people.

Chapter Five[]

Lili and Yoming stop by Karan's shop. Lili asks to buy Karan's muffins and Yoming says that he'll write a feature on Karan's muffins so that she'll be famous and have more customers. Karan thinks about how Lily will never be an elite since the Lost Town is at the bottom of the hierarchy. She notices that the adults look defeated, yet the children are not affected. Karan thinks to herself that she wants the children to be happy.

Yoming asks Karan if something's wrong, asking if she was thinking about Shion. Karan replies that she hadn't forgotten about him. Yoming tells her that Shion is out there, alive.

Lili says that Renka, her mother, says that Yoming is making moves on Karan, to which Yoming refuses that.

Yoming asks Karan if they can change No. 6 and rebirth it into a place of human beings.

Karan hears a mouse squeak and rushes to read the message, assuring her that Shion is alive and safe. The message reads, "Mom, thank you. I'll love you always." While it sounds sweet, Karan feels uneasy since it sounds like a goodbye.

She starts to feel nauseous and Yoming and Lili get concerned. She realizes that Shion must be going to the Correctional Facility and starts to shake uncontrollably. She regrets telling him. She realizes that Nezumi must be by Shion's side and prays for him to keep Shion safe.

The scene transitions to Shion and Nezumi being squeezed into a cargo container, barely able to breathe. Another man dies, presumably because of a heart attack. Nezumi calls him lucky that he was able to die quickly. Nezumi tells Shion that Inukashi must be mad that you dumped a baby on him. Shion says that he'll apologize to him next time, to which Nezumi responds, "If you ever do."

Shion asks Nezumi how he knew he was thinking of the baby, to which he responds that they've been together long enough for him to tell. As he was about to say that he can read Shion, he stops himself, thinking that he actually can't, remembering the time Shion touched his neck.

They hear a woman sobbing and soon, many others started to cry as well. Shion wanted to cover his ears, but he couldn't because other parts of his body would get drenched in tears. Shion hears a song he's never heard before.

He remembered that Inukashi had said that this song was like the wind and that it stole the soul away. The people stopped crying, enchanted by the song.

It turns out that Nezumi was the one singing the song, stopping as he comments that there's not enough air to continue. Shion tells him that that was the first time he's heard him sing and that it's beautiful. He then says that he'd like to hear him sing on stage, to which Nezumi responds that he'll give Shion, Inukashi, and the baby box seats next time.

Someone asks Nezumi to keep singing, which prompts others to ask as well. Shion tells him that he can save people with his singing, to which Nezumi replies by saying that songs don't save people, they distract. A woman requests and song and Nezumi starts to sing again.

After the truck stops, Nezumi tells Shion not to get separated from him. The soldiers tell the crowd to leave the truck. Shion observes the Correctional Facility, which is less hideous than he expected, reminding himself that Safu was here.

Shion then noticed that the soldiers are sorting out the weak or dead, only letting the strong survivors continue to walk into the Facility. Nezumi says that he's not sure what the sorting is for. He then gets surprised that Shion can still remain sarcastic, to which he replies that he's been toughened up by Nezumi.

As they proceed through the sorting, Nezumi tells Shion that he might change in Correctional Facility, confusing Shion. They arrive at a set of doors and must keep quiet, so Shion couldn't ask for further information as to what Nezumi meant by change.

Shion starts to shrink as he reaches the door, but Nezumi reminds him that this is the only way they can get in. Someone asks Nezumi for a song and gets shot.

They are ushered into an elevator going down and Shion realizes that they must be going down into the secret facility. Nezumi holds Shion by the waist and tells him to hold onto him no matter what, and that they are going to hell together and coming out alive together.

Light Novel VS Anime[]

  • The anime doesn't show Fura's internal thoughts or opinions at all.
  • The anime doesn't tell us that Fura's jacket has sensors.
  • The anime doesn't focus on Fura's perspective much overall.
  • It is no explicitly stated in the anime whether or not Fura took a car with Rikiga to go to the destination.
  • The room where Inukashi is waiting for Fura in is has windows in the anime, but not in the novel.
  • In the anime, Inukashi puts on a blond wig but in the novel, he leaves his hair as is.
  • In the anime, Rikiga doesn't talk to Fura about the woman he had prepared for him.
  • In the novel, Inukashi doesn't punch Fura.
  • In the anime, Nezumi and Shion are hiding under the bed, but in the novel they are hidden behind a partition.
  • In the anime, it's not very clear whether or not Fura was going to give in to Nezumi's words before Nezumi attacks.
  • In the novel, Fura is unconscious for a while, while in the anime, he isn't.
  • In the anime, Inukashi and Nezumi don't talk about Nezumi being perfect for the role.
  • In the anime, Shion doesn't try to stop Nezumi or Inukashi.
  • In the novel, Inukashi isn't shown to be washing his neck.
  • In the anime, when Shion apologizes, Inukashi isn't clinging onto his arm. Inukashi just puts his head on Shion's chest after Shion apologizes.
  • The anime cuts out the part where Fura tells everyone everything he knows.
  • The anime cuts out half of chapter 1 and chapters 2 and 3.
  • In the anime, the gold coins aren't shown being distributed nor is the gun identified.
  • In the anime, they don't talk about Nezumi being a devil nor do it show Nezumi torturing Fura until Shion butts in and treats him.
  • In the anime, it is referred to as Cleaning Duty, whereas in the novel, it is called Clean-up.
  • In the novel, it isn't shown that a dog follows Shion around.
  • In the anime, Inukashi and Nezumi argue about the map's validity, whereas in the novel, it's Shion and Nezumi.
  • In the novel, Fura is a high official in the Central Administration Bureau, but in the anime, he is the high official of the Sanitation Bureau.
  • In the anime, Nezumi isn't shown asking Shion to write his mother a letter.
  • In the anime, Shion talks about living in West Block with his mother, Safu, and Nezumi, but not in the novel.
  • In the anime, Shion and Nezumi talk about Nezumi meeting up with Rikiga and Inukashi and not telling him, but not in the novel.
  • In the anime, Nezumi isn't shown to faint while talking to Shion about the wasps. In an earlier episode, Nezumi faints onstage, which is when Shion starts quizzing him about math problems. This also means that Nezumi teaches Shion to dance at an earlier episode.
  • Shion doesn't trip and fall in the anime while dancing.
  • In the anime, Shion sleeps on a couch, not on the floor.
  • After Nezumi thinks about leaving his neck wide open to attacks, he doesn't explicitly tell himself that he's going to get killed in the anime.
  • In the anime, they use proper shovels instead of wood and hand shovels to dig the grave.
  • Rikiga is the one holding the dog corpse in the anime, but leaves Shion alone saying that he need to get the stuff he requests.
  • In the anime, Inukashi doesn't run off because Nezumi stole his crackers, but that Nezumi seems to doubt that Inukashi will keep living.
  • The anime doesn't show Inukashi and Nezumi talking about what's on Nezumi's mind and the crackers.
  • In the anime, Fura isn't shown getting arrested nor are the mayor and the man in the lab coat shown.
  • In the novel, Lili, Yoming, and Karan meet in her bakery, but in the anime, Lili and Karan meet in the street.
  • In the novel, Nezumi and Shion meet Nezumi's manager while running away from the Disposers, but in the anime, they casually meet in the street.
  • Nezumi and his manager talk less in the anime.
  • Shion and Nezumi do not discuss the body under the collapsed wall of the meat shop in the anime.
  • In the novel, the mother of the baby is shown voicing her concern about saving her baby before giving the baby to Shion, when Shion tells her to retrieve the baby at the hotel ruins when possible. In the anime, the mother is either dead or unconscious when Shion wraps up the baby and straps them to the dog.
  • No certain bodies are highlighted in the anime.
  • Nezumi us shown surrendering to the soldiers in the anime as the armored truck was about to shoot Shion. The novel does not explicitly state this.
  • The conversation scene between Yoming and Karan following the results of the Hunt are different. Yoming is much more graphic and aggressive in the anime and voices his disappointment to Karen when she does not agree. The novel shows a less hostile side of Yoming.
  • The scrap of paper Karan receives after her conversation with Yoming are also different. The novel's note is Shion thanking her and telling her he loves her. The anime's note is Nezumi's statement that they will be reunited.
  • The novel showcases Karan's thoughts and her descent into realization as she pleads for her son to live when she realizes what she did.
  • The novel shows a conversation between Shion and Nezumi about a man who just died and Inukashi with the baby while people around them groan and cry. In the anime, this is scrapped and it goes straight to Nezumi singing the song.
  • Nezumi stops singing in the anime since it has been a while since he last sang and his throat is not in the best condition. In the novel, he uses the lack of air and bad environment as the reason.
  • The anime shows a section with Safu momentarily before proceeding with the Nezumi and Shion situation.
  • Nezumi doesn't sing a second time in the anime.
  • In the novel, Nezumi tells Shion that he may change in the Correctional Facility, and that he'll realize that he never knew him. This happens while they are out of the truck and walking to the Correctional Facility. In the anime, Nezumi asks Shion never to change himself for anyone while they are inside the Facility. They are then dumped out of the truck and into pits rather than forced to walk out.


(Rikiga to Fura) "We've many women with ripe bodies, but it's a little difficult to find the younger ones. I could never send you a scrawny, dirty brat to service you. Fura-sama, nor would I be able to just pluck one off the street. And besides--to give this kind of job to a girl so young, and with no experience, it is quite--well, it certainly doesn't bode well with my conscience, to say the least."

(Inukashi to everyone) "Bastards...I hate you all. I hated...hated it, so much...I tried so hard not to scream--scream for you guys, ask why you weren't coming out...I tried as--as hard as I could, you know."

(Rikiga to Nezumi) "Eve. Aren't you afraid to die?"

(Nezumi reciting Mephistopheles's line) "I am the spirit that denies. Yes, I am all the things which you call Sin, Destruction, or Evil."

(Shion internally about Nezumi) "Nezumi, I don't want to see you cold and ruthless. Because it's a lie. Everything you've taught me ahs always led to rebirth and creation. You told me to live, and you told me to think. You taught me to love another, to understand another, to seek a connection, to yearn--and yes, everything you've taught me is the bare opposite of ruthlessness. I don't want to see you as someone you're not."

(Fura about the diseased people) "The patients wouldn't have survived--I'm thinking it would have been an unnatural death. They would age rapidly until they finally died--maybe that's how--"

(Shion to Nezumi) "It's not a question of whether I'm good at it or not. It doesn't matter whether I can or can't--it's something I have to do."

(Nezumi to Shion) "You said something similar before--that maybe it originated in the Forest Park. You said the admin system somehow overlooked the monster when I was born."

(The man in the lab coat to the mayor) "Your days of overseeing politics as mayor as over. From now on, you will reign. As the absolute King, you are going to dominate this land."

(The voice to Nezumi) "Let me teach you a song. I will teach you a song that you will need to keep living. Come here."

(The song Nezumi hears) "The wind steals the soul away, humans thieve the heart / O earth, wind, and rain; O heavens, O light / Keep everything here"

(Shion to Nezumi) "Don't overestimate yourself. You're a human being. There'll be times where you fall ill, or get hurt. Don't forget that. I'm no doctor, and I don't have medical knowledge either--but even I could tell that the way you collapsed just now wasn't from a simple fainting spell."

(Shion to Nezumi) "I'm not worrying about you for your sake. I'm only concerned about you for my own sake--to be free of my own fears. Nezumi, there are still a lot of things out there that I don't know. But I do know how terrifying it would be for me to lose you. I'm probably more afraid to lose you than anyone--anybody else. I'm so scared, it's unbearable. I want to make sure you'll never disappear from my side. I don't care if you ridicule me, or sneer at me--these are my real feelings."

(Inukashi to Nezumi) "If the nice folks over in No. 6 are gonna put up a bulletin saying 'We will begin the Hunt at so-and-so day from this time until that time', you go on ahead and tell everybody. If that's the only time the Hunt is gonna occur, they can run. But you don't know, do ya? You say you think it's in a day or two, but that's just your hunch. It can happen in five minutes. It can happen in a week. If a tip as unreliable as that was enough to make people run away, they wouldn't be living here in the first place. They have nowhere to run. They have nowhere else they can live. That's why everyone's hanging onto this place like their life depended on it."

(Nezumi to Shion) "Shion, you can't save people with songs or tales. It'll make them forget their suffering for a little while. But that's about all it can do. They can't save people in any of the real sense of the word."

(Shion about Inukashi) "Inukashi's kind. He wouldn't abandon a helpless baby. He wouldn't, because he's been raised by a compassionate mother."

(Nezumi to Shion) "There's a chance-- that you might change. Here-- in this Correctional Facility, you might change. Maybe the time will come when I'll finally realize-- I never knew a thing about you."


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