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This is the third light novel for No. 6.


Chapter One[]

Shion gets distracted by the beautiful sky from his dog-washing duty. When Inukashi asks him why he spends so much time washing just one dog, Shion says that if they're going to be used at blankets, they should at least be clean. Inukashi gets annoyed and takes the dog from Shion and started rinsing out the suds from its fur, the soapy water rushing into the small, clear stream nearby. Shion tells Inukashi that they shouldn't dirty the water since a lot of people drink from the same stream. Inukashi gets confused and asks why he should care about the people downstream.

When Inukashi asks why he should care about others, and Shion replies that they're the same as them. Inukashi starts to laugh and asks if Shion thinks that the people from No. 6 and them are the same humans. Inukashi is silent for a bit, and then tells Shion that he's going to die if he actually believes that. He's appalled that Nezumi would even try to put up with him, getting Shion to ask if he and Nezumi are close, in terms of how much they know about each other. Inukashi then says that he doesn't and doesn't want to know about Nezumi at all, and doesn't even consider them friends. He says that they only trade information and money, but then later mentions that Nezumi sings for his suffering dogs at death's door., and that was what he did for his mother, who was a dog.

When Inukashi tells Shion how his mother died, Shion tells Inukashi that she must have been a great mother and says that she was a gift of memory for Inukashi. Inukashi then offers Shion lunch after he cleans another dog. Inukashi calls Shion weird both on the inside and outside.

When Inukashi opened a door at the end of a hall, Nezumi was sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on a table. After a while of idle bickering, Nezumi offers a gold coin as down payment and another when he finishes a job. Inukashi refuses it off the bat since it's too generous for Nezumi's job to be remotely safe.

When Inukashi still refuses the job, Nezumi threatens to never come to Inukashi's aid, even if he's suffering greatly, if he doesn't accept the job. After some thinking, Inukashi agrees to listen to what Nezumi's job is.

When Nezumi says that he wants information on the Correctional Facility, Inukashi is surprised that Nezumi is asking for information that he can't get, but Nezumi says that he knows Inukashi knows someone who's been smuggling goods to him.

Inukashi accepts the deal but needs more money to get information for him, so Nezumi hands over a pouch of gold coins to use to get the information. When Inukashi is thinking about accepting the job, Nezumi says that if he does accept it, he'll always rush to his side whenever he feels a lot of pain. Inukashi takes the job.

Inukashi asks if Shion has anything to do with the job, and Nezumi gets mad and starts to choke Inukashi lightly. When a dog tries to attack him, one of his mice bite and paralyze the dog for a little bit. Shion bursts into the room and asks what Nezumi was doing, since he heard Inukashi and a dog's howl. He then says that he's named one of the mice Hamlet and another, Cravat. Nezumi gets irritated by that and accuses Shion of being the source of his irritation.

Shion sees the paralyzed dog and reassures Inukashi that the dog won't die and just needs some rest. He doesn't believe Inukashi when he said that it was Nezumi, saying that Nezumi wouldn't do something like that. When Inukashi said that Nezumi really did do that to his dog, Shion says that he really is kind, saying that he's saved his life more than once and has survived because of him.

Inukashi is surprised that Nezumi would take care of Shion, a total stranger to him, without anything he wants in return, even going as far as showing his emotions regarding him. Inukashi then perceives Shion as a weakness of Nezumi. Inukashi then says that the dog that was paralyzed was his youngest brother, one that his mother gave birth too not long before she died. He later says that Shion didn't laugh about his mother being a dog, hesitating before saying that the only ones that didn't laugh after hearing his story would be him and Nezumi.

Chapter Two[]

A woman, who works as a nurse in the Municipal Central Hospital in the elderly wing, hated the thought of growing old and loathed looking like the other elderly, saying that she'd rather die than look like them. She went so far as to say that she hated the old. She wanted the city to quickly develop a drug so that her aging would suppress.

As she looks into the reflection of a store window, she admires her beauty and youth, wanting to stay like that forever. She decides to buy some new clothing for the Holy Celebration.

She starts to feel something at the base of her neck and feels weak, staggering. Dark spots overcome her and she dies, pleading for help.

Karan says that before she lost Shion, she was happier than when she was in Chronos, saying that when Shion was caught harboring a VC, she felt relieved, regardless of her lost privileges. She remembers what Shion had said after they had lost their privileges, feeling guilt for bringing his mother down with him.

She wonders who Shion helped four years ago.

A woman sits next to Karan and strikes up a conversation with her, asking why she looks so sad. The woman said that she lost her three year old son to an illness. She then says that she believes that No. 6 is a utopia, saying that she's heard about the West Block, claiming that the hygiene there is horrible and the children have to drink contaminated water, prone to diseases and the people there are savages.

When Karan tries to tell the lady that she doesn't think that the West Block is bad, nor is No. 6 a utopia, a crow interrupts her. After that, a strange man who owns the bird claims to know Karan and takes her away, saying that he needs to talk with her in the car. The man happens to be the niece of Lili, her regular customer. He agrees with Karan's suspicions. The reason he pulled her away from the lady was because he suspected that she was dangerous since she could report Karan's words to the authorities. Karan finds it hard to believe, but the man says that the woman's glasses were suspicious, since they were bigger than usual, probably carrying a microphone and recording device.

Karan learns, in the car ride, that the man's name is Yoming. Yoming wants to interview Karan about her pastries, not caring what the authorities say about it.

Yoming tells Karan about his dead wife and son who were taken away. It didn't make it on the news since the authorities had the power to manipulate information as they please. Yoming drops her off in front of the bakery, telling Karan to be careful of her words.

Karan sees a bee flit by and she's confused as to why bees are still active in the winter.

Chapter Three[]

Safu awakens in the Correctional Facility just before a Security Bureau official puts her back to sleep, but before that, he tells her where she is and that she'll be undergoing surgery. Safu starts to cry as the official puts her to sleep, thinking about Shion.

Shion and Rikiga meet in front of a restaurant. When Shion wants to give them food, Nezumi says that he can if he can feed every single one there. Shion, knowing it's impossible, gives up on the idea.

Shion tells Nezumi that Inukashi will let him continue washing dogs for him, and that one of his dogs has seems to taken a liking to Shion.

Nezumi remembers that Shion had gotten paid by Inukashi and tells him to go buy some dried meat and bread. After he buys the food, a young child begs him for a small piece of bread. As Shion offers the child a roll, the kid shoved him violently and took the entire parcel.

Shion and his dog chased after the child, only to have the rations split between Shion and the child.

Rikiga and Shion talk about Karan, and Rikiga is worried about Shion's health and decides to get him a new (irony am I right) jacket from a second-hand clothing store. When the lady who owns the shop comments about his hair, he remembers Nezumi stroking his hair and saying that his transparent/white hair looked better than his previous hair color. When Shion refuses Rikiga's offer of clothes, Rikiga tells him that the winters are harsh and that he needs the clothing. Shion finally chooses one, but Rikiga disapproves of it and tells him to pick something either flashier or warmer.

Shion picks up a coat and recognizes it as Safu's. When Rikiga is informed of who Safu is to Shion, he twists the woman's arm behind her back and asks her harshly where she got the coat. The woman lies, saying that she saw it floating through the sewage, but Shion sees right through her, saying that Safu would never throw her coat out.

When the shopkeeper's husband walks in, Rikiga recognizes him and gets him to make the woman tell the truth, much to the woman's despair. The woman then confesses that she got the coat from Inukashi, who passed it from an underground market from the Correctional Facility. Shion dashes towards Inukashi's place in search of answers.

A twelve year old boy named Juse was riding in the Forest Park, and he sees a man dead at the foot of a tree. He starts to scream as he sees the man's face.

Chapter Four[]

Nezumi thinks about No. 6's demise, reminded of the legend of King Midas's Golden Touch. He promises to keep living so he'll be able to see No. 6's destruction. He looks at Karan's note, asking for help to get Safu back safely. He is at crossroads, wondering what he should do: throw it away and risk Shion's trust or give it to him and risk Shion's life.

He's slow to notice Inukashi's presence, noticing that he isn't himself. Luckily, Inukashi doesn't intend on ambushing Nezumi and tells Nezumi about how Shion rushed to him and asked if he had gotten a certain coat from him. He then infers that Nezumi is planning to infiltrate the Correctional Facility to save Safu, so Inukashi gets worried, leading to Nezumi's taunting.

Inukashi tells Nezumi that he only told Shion about where he got the coat from and nothing else. He then reminds Nezumi that Shion is planning on going alone, so Nezumi has to protect him to the very end. Inukashi then says that if someone out here has something they need to protect, then they'll lose, which made Nezumi mad enough to charge at Inukashi.

Inukashi then sics his dogs at Nezumi, who fended them off barely, with one biting his arm. Nezumi beats the dog that bit him into the ground and puts his back towards a tree. He warns Inukashi that he won't go easy on him and draws knife, threatening to slit the dogs' throats. Inukashi provokes Nezumi, who dashes toward Inukashi, hits the dogs away, and pins Inukashi to the ground and presses the knife to his throat.

At first, Inukashi believes the Nezumi wouldn't kill him because he couldn't even kill one of his dogs. Nezumi then replies saying that dog's blood dulls the blade, so he kept it clean to use on Inukashi. Inukashi gets nervous and backs down his dogs when Nezumi threatens to hurt him.

Nezumi comments on Inukashi's dogs' obedience while Inukashi complains about Nezumi being too heavy. Nezumi gets off and frees Inukashi.

Nezumi asks why Inukashi attacked him. Inukashi then replies that he thought that he could teach Nezumi that he's not as strong as he thinks. He says that he's impressed that Nezumi managed to get as far as he did. Inukashi reminds Nezumi that he is just a human that can only do so much.

Nezumi gets a feeling in his arm where the four-year old bullet wound that Shion treated was. He then notices that Shion was holding a lantern and calling out for him. Inukashi snickers and remarks that Shion has finally come to retrieve Nezumi. He then adds that something weird is going on inside No. 6. He says that he doesn't know the details, that there's some disease or something going around, but will try to look into it. He then officially says that he'll help Nezumi, slapping Nezumi's hurt shoulder before disappearing into the dark.

Shion approaches Nezumi and sees that Nezumi is bleeding. When asked what happened, Nezumi responds that a mongrel had attacked him and then asks Shion what he's doing here. Shion replies that Hamlet had come to get him and he thought something might have happened to Nezumi. Shion examines Nezumi's wound and says that they'll have to get it treated back at home.

Shion tries to help Nezumi up by trying to support him by the armpit, but Nezumi brushes him away and walks ahead. Nezumi believes that he should learn to be independent, so he can't rely on any helping hands to help him walk.

They return back home and Shion immediately checks, cleans, and disinfects the wound. Nezumi asks if Shion was going to sew it up again, to which he replies that the wound isn't that serious. Shion asks if Nezumi thought he'd have to go through the same process as four years ago. Nezumi responds that Shion would probably overreact and sew him up for a bug bite. Shion smiles and says that sewing him up four years ago was what he thought to be the appropriate treatment.

Nezumi recalls that night four years ago, remembering that there was a hurricane in No. 6 and that a twelve-year old Shion had flung his window open as if to invite him. He remembered the sweetness of the cocoa and the satisfied smile on Shion's face, and he couldn't forget it. Nezumi couldn't bring himself to forget. He wonders if these recollections are called memories, mental records, or fate. He emphasizes that Shion had given up his fortune and privileges as a result of taking Nezumi in. He thought that it would've been easier to dismiss Shion with a condescending laugh, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.

Nezumi asks Shion if he thinks that it was the right thing to do. At first, Shion thinks that Nezumi is referring to sewing him up, to which he responds that he had limited resources and it would've been the most he could do for him. Nezumi corrects him, saying that he actually referred to the whole night. After Shion finished applying the bandages, he doesn't say anything.

Nezumi tells him that his life changed because of him and if he calls that decision a mistake. Shion says that the night wasn't a mistake, which catches Nezumi off-guard. Nezumi asks why, and Shion replies that he doesn't really understand what Nezumi is talking about. but he continues, saying that he's done some thinking and has wondered what he would do if he were to return back to that night. Shion adds that he's thought about it countless times, and every time, he says that he would open the window and wait for Nezumi to come.

Nezumi asks if he would actually do it even though it costs him his privileges and fortune, and Shion replies that his life hasn't been ruined. He says that being here with Nezumi hasn't ruined him.

Nezumi then asks why Shion had to go give his rats stupid names, to which Shion responds that they deserve names because they're smart and brave, like when Hamlet warned Shion about Nezumi earlier. Nezumi says that Hamlet had gone to wrong person because Shion wouldn't have been able to help him because Shion would've become more injured than Nezumi if Nezumi hadn't chased the dogs away. Shion agrees.

Nezumi then tells him never to do something like that again. He tells Shion that he's powerless and doesn't have the skill or mentality to fight and thus, it's dangerous for him to walk into danger's path. Nezumi tells him to use his head and assess the situation. He then says that Shion should've thought about it before running out into the darkness without a weapon.

Shion replies that he wasn't thinking at all and that he was running before he could stop to think. Nezumi uses that statement to reinforce his statement that Shion just cannot do something that reckless. Shion asks what he should do, to which Nezumi responds that Shion should stay still and stay quiet. Shion responds that he just can't do that when he's aware that Nezumi's in danger and that he would've gone outside either way. Nezumi says that Shion would be a hindrance and Shion comments that that's harsh. Nezumi says that it's the truth.

Shion then accepts that he's useless and doesn't know how to fight, and he couldn't bring himself to hurt anyone. Nezumi adds to that, saying that if Shion were a soldier, he'd write him off. Nezumi tells him to not even think about fighting because he doesn't have the mental leverage to worry about people. Since Shion can't protect himself, Nezumi begs Shion to not do anything and not to go near any dangerous places.

Nezumi then realizes that he doesn't know what he's saying and wonders if he's actually getting serious about stopping Shion. He remembers that Inukashi said that Shion would go alone and set out to a place with a close to nothing chance of survival, that he'd go alone without telling him, that he'd go alone without knowing how to fight or what it's like to kill.

Shion then says that it's not about reasoning, which Nezumi didn't hear. Shion continues, saying that he knows very well that if he were to show up, he wouldn't be of any help, and that he wouldn't be able to save Nezumi. Nezumi responds, saying that Shion's brain has finally started to work, and that Shion should just take his brain's advice.

But Shion puts on a defiant expression (one Nezumi hadn't seen before) and starts to rant about how he thought Nezumi was going to die and that he couldn't just stop and calculate in his head. He says that he can't stay calm and think about whether or not he can help him if he thinks Nezumi is going to die. He says that no one would be able to stay calm in a situation like this, and calls Nezumi an idiot for the second time.

Nezumi remembers that the first time Shion had called him an idiot, he wasn't able to predict his explosion of anger. Nezumi sees the parallels between the first and second time (Shion had run out into the darkness for a stranger, saying that he's just didn't understand) and that most importantly, both situations were very dangerous. Nezumi says that he was prepared for Shion to become a burden for him, and then realizes that there's a possibility that he himself would become the fetters that bound Shion's wrists.

Nezumi looks away from Shion and thinks that humans are troublesome and the more you involve with them, the less freedom you have. He then regrets meeting Shion and wonders if Shion will also think the same one day.

Shion gets annoyed and asks why Nezumi isn't talking. Nezumi responds that he doesn't have a reason, to which Shion seems to get offended and tells Nezumi to laugh at him and his idiocy. Nezumi gets caught off guard by that comment and tries to tell Shion that he's not mocking him but instead, trying to tell him that it's just dangerous to jump into danger's path. Shion yells back and says that he can't help but be worried. He then starts to ask Nezumi if he's even allowed the right to be worried for him.

Nezumi gets confused and tells him that he's not making sense. Shion snaps, telling him that it's Nezumi's fault hat he's like this, and then punches a bookcase, causing books to fall and Cravat to hide in Nezumi's clothes.

Shion calms down and starts to pick up the books, apologizing in a quieter voice, saying that he didn't mean to yell. Nezumi replies that he doesn't mind and that it's interesting to see Shion all worked up and that he'd experience it again. Shion remarks that he seems to always get so worked up around Nezumi, to which Nezumi responds that Shion has always been an emotional person, telling him that he chooses feeling over reason and that he's truthful, even four years ago. They agree that Shion obeyed his emotions and Shion finishes cleaning up the books.

Shion then tells Nezumi that he really doesn't regret that night four years ago, to which Nezumi responds that he knew. When prompted to continued, Nezumi explains that he knew that Shion didn't regret a single bit of what did, saying that he asked a whim and was probably bored.

He touches his shoulder where Shion dressed his wound, he says that he wouldn't be able to dress his wound like Shion did, emphasizing that Shion may not be able to fight, but he can treat. he then says that everyone has a gift.

Nezumi gets hungry and Shion points out the bread and meat on the table that's enough for dinner. When asked if he'll eat, Shion says that he's going to go sleep on the floor so Nezumi can take the bed. Shion then says that if he hadn't met Nezumi, he probably wouldn't have realized what kind of person he is. Nezumi asks why Shion is bringing this up, so Shion gets closer to Nezumi and says that he would've grown up into an obedient and mild adult without experiencing all of the emotions inside him. He says that he feels proud that he knows himself more now.

Shion says that he's glad that he met him and bends down to give Nezumi a light kiss on the lips. When Shion pulls away, Nezumi asks that if it's not a thank-you kiss. Shion replies that it's a goodnight kiss, later saying that he'll be shearing the dogs tomorrow since a lot of the dogs have long fur. Nezumi says that he just got bitten by a dog and doesn't want to hear about dogs anymore. Shion laughs and says goodbye, disappearing into the shadows of the books. Cravat crawls out and follows Shion.

Nezumi calls Shion a liar for saying that it's a goodnight kiss. He then feels no hunger, exhaustion, or pain, only feeling sadness or loneliness (he doesn't know which). He then starts to cry, something that he hasn't experienced in a long time. He puts his knees to his head and starts to swallow his tears.

Chapter Five[]

Shion gets up from the floor and makes sure no one sees him as he opens the door quietly. He says that he still has so many things to tell Nezumi, but was only able to say, "I'm glad I met you."

Somewhere in No. 6, a man answers a call from another man who used to be named Fennec. Fennec says that they have an emergency that concerns two unregistered samples that have been brought into the Central Hospital. Looking at the shriveled bodies, the man notices that their personal information shows them as in their twenties and thirties, but the bodies look as if the cause was old age.

Fennec demands to know what the meaning of this. The man tells him that something must've gone wrong and that Fennec shouldn't be worried about it. Fennec then says that No. 6's City Project is coming up, and that they can't afford mistakes like this. The man agrees to launch an investigation of the cause and that he'll be waiting for his report.

Fennec mentions planning a clean-up since the Holy Celebration is coming up.

The man thinks about the documents he was reading earlier about an ant species. He then thinks about how ants and bees do what they're told without brains or souls, unlike humans. The man smiles as he gets in an elevator that leads to the autopsy room where the shriveled bodies are held.

Back to Shion, he plans to arrive at the Correctional Facility before dawn. He wonders why Safu isn't abroad and whether his mom will be in danger. He's frustrated that doesn't have a plan.

A mouse appears in Shion's sight, which he thinks is Cravat. But upon closer inspection, he realizes that it's a robot mouse. Nezumi then shows up, saying that the navigator mouse robot was telling him that he's going in the wrong direction. He continues, saying that Shion should've been going to Inukashi's place to trim the dog hair, noting that he's leaving quite early and in the wrong direction.

Shion gets frustrated that Nezumi followed him and tells him that he has nothing to do with his situation and that he's not his guardian. He says that he wants to be free.

Nezumi remarks that Shion's recitation was better than the kiss yesterday, saying that he might have a talent for acting. Shion gets confused for a second until he Nezumi punches him in the face and tells him to brace himself for the next hit.

Shion sees Nezumi's foot about to kick him and rolls to the side. Nezumi tells Shion to not look away from his opponent and to move. Shion starts to throw pebbles at Nezumi and tries to ram him with his shoulder, but Nezumi slams him to the ground first.

Nezumi says that the fight is a punishment, and when Shion asks why, Nezumi replies that it's for lying to him. He continues, saying that lying to him means that he's belittling him. Shion protests, saying that it was his best attempt. Nezumi tells him that it wasn't realistic.

Nezumi then says that the thing that pissed him off the most was the Shion must've thought that he was a brat who couldn't distinguish the types of kisses. He then tells Shion to never give him a farewell kiss ever again and to never lie to him again. Shion swears that he won't do either and Nezumi releases him.

Nezumi tells Shion that strange things are happening in No. 6. He continues, saying that Inukashi is gathering information for him. He says that stuff is going on in the Correctional Facility. When Shion expresses confusion, Nezumi tells Shion that he's known about Safu for a while and hands Shion Karan's memo. Shion reads it, trembling. Nezumi tells Shion that his mother is safe, but he's not sure about Safu. He tells him not panic and that they have to gather as much information as they can first and then plan to infiltrate the correctional Facility.

Shion agrees and tells Nezumi that he's dragged him into this mess. Nezumi tells him that it's not his fault and that the whole situation might have something to do with the wasp incidents. Shion says that they aren't active this time of year, to which Nezumi replies that something unexpected must've happened. Nezumi tells Shion that things will work out and to cheer up. Shion thanks him before calling out his name.

When Nezumi turns his head to face Shion, Shion slaps him across the face as hard as he could. Although Nezumi didn't seem to get too hurt, he was startled and asks Shion what that was for. Shion replies that it's punishment for hiding things from him, such as Karen's memo.

Nezumi starts to tell him that he can't have Shion wandering off like he did earlier and then gets to the point where he asks if he has the right to be worried about Shion. He realizes that it's the same thing that Shion had said to him. Shion says that worrying about him and hiding things from him are different and that he doesn't want to live an easy life. He wants to be equal to Nezumi. Nezumi pledges to admit his mistake and not do it again.

Back inside No. 6, Safu tries to wake up. She can feel her consciousness trying to return, but her physical sensations hadn't. She tries to remember her precious person.

Safu hears a man's voice and immediately thinks that the man isn't the one she's looking for. The man tells Safu that she must be feeling different, but that she'll get used to it soon. The man calls Safu beautiful and later says that he must leave, but will return later.

She recalls getting friend-zoned by Shion and feels frustrated that Shion didn't recognize her feelings for him. She starts to fade out of consciousness, her last thought being that she'll never see Shion ever again.

Back to Shion, he is shown spending the day with the dogs. He hasn't seen Inukashi in the morning. he reminds himself to act calmly and wait patiently. He thinks about how Safu is probably suffering while he's waiting, and every time he thought that, he would start to panic and bite his lip until it bled.

He realizes that he's been zoning out and gets back to feeding leftovers to a litter of puppies. He notes that even though humans starved, Inukashi still provided enough for his dogs. The puppy starts to lick his hand and Shion thinks about wanting to show Safu the puppy and the mouse. He thinks about how Safu is precious and dear to him, but he only loved her as family, or a close friend.

Shion closes his eyes and calls her name.

Later, Nezumi wants Rikiga to get information from his customers about the Holy City in return for money. his office is littered with magazines and empty bottles and reeks of alcohol. He notices Nezumi propping his feet up on his table and tells him to get it off.

Rikiga asks if his favor is Nezumi practicing for a new part and Nezumi replies that it's a real issue. Rikiga seems hesitant and Nezumi asks why. He mentions Shion, to which Rikiga asks if Shion is involved. Nezumi says that Shion is very involved and that he'll go further in detail about it if Rikiga agrees to help him.

Nezumi wants Rikiga to show him his customers' stats and when the next high official from No. 6 will be coming as well as his name and position. Rikiga exhales and tells Nezumi that a brat like him has no right to look down on adults like this.

Rikiga's new bodyguard, Conk, walks in when Rikiga calls him. Rikiga explains that Conk used to be a wrestler and that he's nearly killed people with his bare hands. He then tells Conk to punish Nezumi by ordering him to attack Nezumi so that he learns not to look down on adults. Rikiga calls Nezumi Eve, his stage name, which Conk recognizes. It turns out that Conk is actually a fan of Nezumi's. Nezumi talks about how he's noticed Conk in the audience whenever he watches. Nezumi then asks conk for coffee and a meat pie, which Conk happily goes to do.

Rikiga grumbles at the unexpected outcome and calls Conk useless when needed. Rikiga remarks on how Nezumi can use both a knife and his sex appeal as weapons, saying that Nezumi should use his sex appeal on an elite official at the Central Administration Bureau, who's Rikiga's best customer.

Rikiga then mentions that there's been a commotion in No. 6, which is the first time he's heard anything strange from there, and that he's interested to see what's going on. Nezumi asks if Shion is precious to him, to which Rikiga responds that Shion reminds him of Karan and that he's truthful and kind, unlike Nezumi. He also mentions that Shion must've been showered with love. He continues, saying that when Shion's around, he feels peaceful. He gets back on track, agreeing to show Nezumi his customers' data files and that he's interested to hear Nezumi's story as well.

Nezumi thinks about what Rikiga has said about Shion. He notes that his recklessness, liberality, bluntness, and wide range of acceptance were factors of the love he'd been showered with. He then calls Shion fortunate that he doesn't need to grovel for love. He hopes that Shion's love would not become the chains that bind him or the hand that leads him to death.

Inukashi is shown somewhere on a path, not knowing how to sort through the information he'd gathered. He stops walking when he sees the walls of No. 6. Inukashi notes that he and Nezumi are different. Inukashi focuses on survival and getting food while Nezumi seems so fixated on No. 6.

He thinks about how he had stepped into the situation without Nezumi's threats or feeling pity for Shion, but he does not know why he did. He thinks about how No. 6's people don't even have to worry about starving. He wonders if he would be able to change the vast difference between the people inside and outside of No. 6.

Inukashi internally knows that the whole situation is ridiculous and that he's making a bad decision, but he can't stop himself from feeling lighthearted, breaking into a run.

Shion is shown neatly combing the last dog, exhausted. It had become dusk already, meaning that he had worked all day on the dogs. When Cravat squeaks, Shion notices Nezumi standing in front of him and asks if he had gotten word from Inukashi. Nezumi replies that the two of them are waiting for him, and when Shion seems to be confused, Nezumi leads Shion to the ruins where Rikiga and Inukashi are.

When Nezumi says that Inukashi and Rikiga have graciously offered their help, Inukashi scoffs, saying that getting threatened, bribed, or tricked counts as gracious. Nevertheless, Shion thanks them formally for their help. Nezumi tells him to not be so serious about it since they have ulterior motives. Shion notes that he's gotten all of these people involved and that he can't forget that. Nezumi notices Shion tensing up and starts to toy with Shion's hand to calm him down.

Inukashi tells everyone that there were three male prisoners from the West Block escorted into the Correctional Facility. When asked about the credibility, Inukashi replies that he's heard it from the guy who's in charge of preparing the prisoner's clothes. He continues, saying that the three of them had tried to break into the Access Control Office to steal money. He emphasizes that there were no women, which causes Shion's confusion as to whether or not Safu is safe.

Nezumi then says that if all of that's true, then Safu probably isn't even registered as a prisoner in the Correctional Facility, meaning that she's been erased. Nezumi further explains that the moment Safu was captured, all her citizen data would've been erased. Usually, the information will be sent to the Correctional Facility, where they become prisoners. But in Safu's case, this wasn't done, meaning that they meant to leave no trace of Safu.

Rikiga gets worried, asking if Nezumi has to be so harsh about the situation as if the girl has already been murdered. Nezumi replies that Rikiga is worse at that. Shion feels sick, but says that Safu was raised by the whole city and that she was an outstanding human resource, so erasing her would've been a big loss. Nezumi agrees, saying that she hasn't done something idiotic like Shion.

This interests Inukashi, prompting him to ask if the idiotic thing had something to do with Shion getting kicked out of No. 6. Nezumi brushes it off as irrelevant and asks Shion about Safu's family structure. Shion replies that it's just her grandmother, to which Nezumi comments that if the grandmother dies, then Safu will have no living relatives. Shion understands where Nezumi is getting at, saying that Safu was supposed to be living in another city for two years, so her disappearance wouldn't be strange. This sums everything up.

They then start to wonder why Safu was imprisoned if she isn't a prisoner. Inukashi asks if this has anything to do with the rumors of a strange disease in No. 6. However, he doesn't have the details on it since it's not easy for him to get information from inside the city, and that Rikiga would be better suited for that. Rikiga replies that he can't get information right away and that Nezumi should be more concerned about his plan to infiltrate the Correctional Facility.

Inukashi says that he hasn't been able to get anything specific about the building's security system, but he's got the main points down. He mentions a new facility being built underground where even the janitors aren't allowed. It has an elaborate physical recognition system that only a few people can log into. Shion tells Nezumi that the easiest way to get inside is to get arrested, but Nezumi replies that it would restrict free movement in that way. Shion then asks if rescuing Safu would be impossible.

Shion then starts to talk about how Nezumi's personal information is on their files and that they can scan through his data and figure out that he's a first-class criminal on the run, to which his punishment would either be solitary confinement or death. Rikiga starts to cough and Inukashi screeches at the new information. When Inukashi asks why he doesn't know about this, Nezumi responds that he didn't tell them.

Shion still believes that there's a small chance that Safu could be rescued, even if it was a slim percent. Shion asks Nezumi if there's a way to avoid getting scanned. Nezumi explains that once prisoners are arrested, they pull up their personal files and information, implant them with a V-Chip, and are bound and placed under surveillance without a second of free movement, no exceptions.

However, Nezumi stops himself, saying that there is one exception, The Hunt. Inukashi and Rikiga tense up while Shion is confused.

Light Novel VS Anime[]

  • The anime doesn't have a stream nearby, instead it's a fountain, but even then, Shion doesn't confront Inukashi about dirtying the water.
  • In the anime, it doesn't mention Inukashi being taken by an old man, only that the dog he calls his mother had taken him in.
  • The anime doesn't talk about the South Block and/or the ashes of prisoners.
  • In the light novel, Nezumi gives Inukashi gold coins so he can get the information from the smuggler, but in the anime, Nezumi gives him a lot of copper/bronze coins.
  • In the anime, Nezumi doesn't attack Inukashi when he asks if Shion is involved.
  • In the anime, Shion says that he's named Nezumi's mice while he was washing the dogs, but in the light novel, he says their names in the room Inukashi and Nezumi meet.
  • Nezumi's mouse doesn't paralyze the dog in the anime.
  • The light novel calls the building in No. 6 the Twilight Cottage, whilst the anime calls it the Twilight House.
  • The festival is called the Holy Day in the anime and the Holy Celebration in the light novel.
  • In the anime, the woman was calling a man before her death, but the light novel doesn't mention him.
  • Karan doesn't talk about not believing the City is a utopia in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Karan is first interrupted by a crow, but in the anime, Yoming takes Karan away.
  • Yoming doesn't have a pet crow in the anime.
  • Yoming doesn't go so in depth about his suspicions of the woman in the anime.
  • The anime doesn't specify what Yoming's career is.
  • In the anime, Yoming tells Karan about his wife and son in the bakery, not the car, like the light novel says.
  • Safu isn't seen going through surgery in the anime.
  • Shion and Rikiga don't meet at a restaurant.
  • Nezumi doesn't tell Shion to buy anything on his own in the anime.
  • Shion wears his jacket, not sweater, in the anime when Rikiga is worried about his health.
  • In the novel, it shows the process of how Rikiga and Shion get information about Safu's jacket. However, the anime doesn't show this.
  • In the anime, Shion isn't seen wearing a wool hat.
  • Since Nezumi teased Inukashi about being "Shion's Papa," and his choice of pronouns, it is more heavily implied that Inukashi is a boy, or wants to be a boy, than the anime.
  • In the novel, Nezumi and Inukashi talk on a hill and get right into fighting afterwards. However, in the anime, they talk in an alleyway but don't fight.
  • Nezumi thinks about why he doesn't just push Shion away during his fight with Inukashi in the novel, but in the anime, he thinks while walking back home.
  • In the anime, Nezumi tells Inukashi that he doesn't care what Shion does, but not in the novel.
  • In the anime, Nezumi tells Inukashi to do the job he's paying him for, but not in the novel.
  • Nezumi seems to be more money-based in the anime than in the novel.
  • Nezumi doesn't get injured in this event in the anime, but he does in the novel.
  • Shion prepares something more than usual for dinner in the anime, but it's not specified in the novel.
  • In the anime, Nezumi asks Shion how the serum is going, but not in the novel.
  • Nezumi comments on Shion relying on Rikiga for the serum-making in the anime, but not in the novel.
  • In the anime, Nezumi talks to Shion about him tearing down the No. 6 wall and meeting up with his mom and Safu, but not in the novel.
  • They start talking about Safu and romantic topics in the anime, but not in the novel.
  • In the novel, Shion yells and gets mad at Nezumi, but not in the anime.
  • They both eat together in the anime, but in the novel, only Nezumi eats.
  • Nezumi isn't shown crying in the anime.
  • Since the anime shows Shion leaving the room after the kiss, it does not show the scene in the novel where Shion has to get up off the floor and be quiet whilst leaving.
  • The anime does not show the scene with Fennec and the man.
  • In the anime, Shion is walking on dirt, not grass like the novel.
  • The anime does not explicitly show if Shion thought the mouse was Cravat.
  • In the anime, Nezumi does not applaud Shion's acting.
  • In the novel, Nezumi keeps on attacking Shion after the first punch, but in the anime, Nezumi stops after the punch.
  • Immediately after Nezumi gives Shion the memo, Shion punches Nezumi in the face in the anime. However, in the novel, time passes before Shion slaps Nezumi in the face.
  • In the novel, it is not explicitly stated if Nezumi is surprised when Shion tells him that he wants to be his equal.
  • In the anime, Nezumi keeps on talking about how important the night four years ago was to him and Shion talks about how Nezumi keeps on obsessing over No. 6.
  • The anime shows the scene from Nezumi's perspective on that night four years ago, but the novel doesn't.
  • In the novel, the promises made by Shion and Nezumi are more formal than in the anime (Nezumi doesn't lift his hand in a pledge in the anime).
  • The novel shows Safu's perspective, but not in the anime.
  • The novel shows Shion feeding the dogs, but not in the anime.
  • The anime shows a scene where Nezumi takes Shion to see the man in the cave and learn about Mother after the promises were made, but the novel doesn't show that happening afterwards.
  • The novel shows the scene with Nezumi, Rikiga, and Conk happening after the promises were made, but not in the anime.
  • The anime shows a scene where Yoming and Karan are talking, but not in this novel.
  • In the novel, Nezumi, Shion, Rikiga, and Inukashi meet up after Shion is done with the dogs, but in the anime, they meet up after Shion and Nezumi leave the cave.
  • In the novel, Rikiga doesn't confront Shion about going to No. 6.
  • In the novel, Nezumi does go to Rikiga to ask for help, but in the anime, Nezumi says that he doesn't.
  • In the anime, Nezumi starts off the discussion by summing up everyone's role in the operation while in the novel, Inukashi starts by laying out whatever information he's gathered.
  • In the anime, Rikiga seems to be more against the plan than in the novel.
  • The novel explicitly states that neither Rikiga nor Inukashi have known about Nezumi getting captured by No. 6 and being held in the Correctional Facility.
  • Nezumi and Shion don't sit next to each other in the anime.
  • The anime doesn't show the four of them laying out the information.
  • In the anime, they don't make getting into the facility a big deal.


(Shion about the dirtied water to Inukashi): "Yeah, but there's no need to go out of the way to make it dirty. We can do what we did yesterday, and put water in steel drums and wash the dogs there,"

(Inukashi about Nezumi's singing): "The wind, maybe...? A wind that comes blowing from far away...yeah, his song steals away souls that are struggling because they can't die. Just like how the wind scatters flower petals, his song cuts the soul away from the body. Any dog, no matter how much he's suffering, closes his eyes and becomes quiet. You think he's just settled down, but he's not actually breathing. They all die quietly, like all their suffering was just a dream or something. It was like that with my Mum, too. Yeah. She got killed by a couple of brats that live downstream, the ones you said I shouldn't make the water dirty for. She got rocks thrown at her, and was clubbed to death with an oak stick. But my Mum was at fault for that, too. She tried to steal their only supper. She snuck into their hut, and got caught holding their dried meat in her mouth. When she finally got away and managed to come back, both her front legs and ribs were broken, and she was bleeding from her mouth. There was nothing we could do,"

(Inukashi about Nezumi to Nezumi): "Is this your idea of a decent customer? Taking advantage of someone's weakness, threatening him, and then forcing a dangerous job on him? I think even fleas are a little nicer to the dogs they infest, compared to you,"

(Nezumi really wanting Inukashi to do the job): "I only have this much right now. Inukashi, work with me. I'm begging you,"

(Inukashi about Nezumi to Shion): "Yes way. He did it. That bastard paralyzed my dog. He wouldn't hesitate to do something like that. He's ruthless, cunning and cruel. I'd watch out if I were you. If you let his pretty face fool you into thinking he's going to be gentle and kind like your Mum, you're in for a nasty surprise...Idiot. That's what I'm talking about when I say he's fooled you. You're too naïve to notice how heartless he is...Nezumi, help a stranger? Without anything in return?"

(Young Shion to Karan): "Mom, I'm sorry...Because...Mom, have to go out and work now. I'm sorry,"

(Lili's uncle about the woman): "You were a hair away from voicing your dissatisfaction toward the city. Am I right? There's a possibility it might've been [dangerous]. What would you have done if that lady decided you were trouble?...What I'm saying is, she would've gone to the authorities and told them that the woman sitting on the park bench has a dissatisfaction with the city,"

(Yoming about himself): "I run an electronic newsfeed for all sorts of entertainment in the areas, all of them except Chronos. Which isn't much, I mean, apart from dining and seasonal events, which is mostly what I do. Since the city oversees all the plays, concerts and print publishing, there's not much we can write about other than food and drink. The Food Bureau's out of the question, no way I could get inside that place--so it's just stuff like where to eat good cakes, or good places to have lunch, or things like that. I do the best I can. It's actually quite popular. I mean, after all, in Lost Town, there's not much to do for fun other than eat or drink, so everyone's eager for information,"

(Yoming's warning to Karan): "Shh--! I understand how you feel, but don't say those kinds of things out loud here. You don't know who might be listening,"

(Rikiga's threatening interrogation to the shopkeeper): "If you don't want your arm broken, you better spit it out. How did you get this coat?"

(Nezumi's thoughts on No. 6): "No. 6, what will you do? You, the city that looks down on us in our darkness, and glitters in all its deception and artifice, will you too grovel on the ground one day and beg for forgiveness? But there will be no gods to grant you mercy. Clad in that golden robe of yours, you'll crumble, burn to ashes, and perish. I'll live until the moment the curtains fall on your finale. I'll keep living, and see the end with my own eyes,"

(Inukashi to Nezumi about Shion): "If he's so precious to you that you don't wanna lose him, protect him to the very end. And do whatever it takes to protect him, you idiot, no matter how humiliating it is. You think you can save face, huh? Keep it all hidden, and take care of it all on your own? Stop fooling yourself,"

(Nezumi to Inukashi) "Oh, I don't know about that. You're their boss, right? I've heard before that dogs lose their will to fight if their boss gets defeated."

(Nezumi to Shion) "You're powerless, you remember that. You don't have the skill or the mentality it takes to fight. You're like a chick that's fallen out of its nest. You'd just chirp-chirp-chirp until you're eaten by a fox. So do yourself a favor, and don't go walking into danger's path. Don't do it, ever. Use your head. Put your so-called gifted brain into motion, full-throttle, and use your judgment to assess the situation. Geez, I don't know what the hell you were thinking, running out into the darkness without even carrying a weapon."

(Shion to Nezumi) "I know that! But I couldn't help it, alright, I was worried sick. Or am I not even allowed to worry about you? Don't I even have the right to be worried?"

(Nezumi about Shion) "Some liar you are."

(Fennec to the man) "They're different from the samples you've requested from us. Things are happening on their own, outside of our control."

(Nezumi to Shion) "Lying to someone means you're belittling him. Did you think I would fall for your lame excuse? If that's not an insult to me, I don't know what the hell is."

(Nezumi to Shion) "I swear herewith upon my battered cheek."

(Rikiga to Nezumi) "Eve, you're no rat. You're a cunning white demon fox, great at manipulating people. Now, I don't know how many tails you've got, but I've got a man who likes that kind of thing. He's an elite, works at the Central Administration Bureau. He's my best customer."


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