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Karan is Shion's mother. She owns a bakery and is very good at cooking.


When Shion was 12 years old, she had nice long brown hair which she tied up in a ponytail, but after the four years leading to the present her hair is now shorter and she wears it up when she is working. In the anime, when she was younger and before she had Shion, her hair was very short, not even ear length. This is shown in the the photo with Rikigia when he was younger along with the founders of No.6.
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Young Karan and Rikigia in the manga


Karan has a very warm and happy personality. She remains submissive towards the government of No. 6 even after they attempt to take her son from her, and rejects Yoming's invitation to join a rebelious group after seeing the overpowering malice he feels, to which she responds by saying that is the same as that of the creators of No. 6.


Karan was once associated with the creators of No. 6, however it is not stated what role she had.


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Shion: Shion is Karan's son. They both share a good mother/son relationship. When Karan finds out Shion has gone missing, she is devastated. However, she finds slight relief when she receives Nezumi's messages, via the little rat messengers, informing her of Shion's well being.

Yoming: Yoming writes about Karan's baked goods via the internet, and often sends his niece to Karan's shop to pick food from the bakery up for him.

Rikiga: They knew each other when they were younger. Edit

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Two out of the three messenger rats that Nezumi made. Sion later names them much to the annoyance of Nezumi. Aren't they cute?


  • She likes to pick wild flowers, and named Shion after the flower.


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