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Drenched Rat (びしょぬれネズミ Bishonure Nezumi) is the first of episode of the anime, that aired on July 8, 2011.


"There are men who hunt other men, at least inside the walls of No.6."

Nezumi who's being chased by men who are desperate to take him down, can seemingly see his life come to it's final chapter after meeting a dead end.

Away in a classroom, far away from this debacle, a daydreaming Shion can be seen muting out Safu's presentation being in a world of his own, at least until she snaps at two students for talking, starting a fist fight.

After the day ended, Safu and Shion are heading back to Safu's house, where he recives a light purple sweater from Safu's grandmother and a kiss on the cheek from Safu herself, for the latter's 12th birthday. An oncoming typhoon comes closer making the weather worse than before.

Going back home, Shion finds a drenched rat(Nezumi), who had broken into his house, giving shelter to the boy and nursing him back to health, also providing him with dinner, even after he knew Nezumi was a wanted fugitive.

The next morning, Nezumi had disappeared, only for the security bureau to appear in his place.


The boy running through the caves

Nezumi, more or less terrified can be seen running through a cave-sewer like system while being chased around by several soldiers, who attempting to shoot him down to no avail. Although the boy showed signs of slowing down, he never did until he was finally met with a dead end; the bars at the end of the sewer system. Although frustration overtook him, there seemed to be no clear way out.

Shion in class

Somewhere in a classroom on a windy day far away from where Nezumi was on the run, we can see Shion spacing out as Safu is giving the entire class a presentation on the nerve cells, running throughout our brains, and how the thing we refer to as a "soul" can be explained as a simple electrical exchange governed by the scientific process of neurons and synapses communicating through neurotransmitters. She then goes onto speak about aforementioned experiment with a rat, as the brunette further zones out, listening to song of the howling song wind outside of his class.

Shion in his fantasy

Captivated by the simple yet prominent beauty of his surroundings, Shion can feel himself being caught in another world, as he leaves the classroom and is now standing over the city, among the clouds.

Safu getting mad

Shion, right beneath the clouds can feel the air surrounding him, bright eyes as he gets closer to the clouds, happily observing all the leaves coming his way, as he slowly starts to fade into nothing but leaves, dancing with the wind.

Sadly this daze is short-lived as Safu, practically yells at two students calling them out for talking in the middle of her presentation.

In response, the duo of classmates had pointed out the condition of their surroundings, simply saying that she should not have snapped over such a small thing. In retaliation to the comment, she slams her hand against the table, causing the screen to glitch a bit, tells them that they should be ashamed of their actions.

The student standing up

Upon hearing the Safu's remark, almost as furious as her, a boy had stood up asking her if she's was attempting to start a fight. The other student, in contrast to his classmate, was leaning against the chair wearing a smug-looking expression. Instead of standing up like the latter, he told the girl that she shouldn't be getting all high and mighty just because she was accepted into the special course, additionally commenting that she wore clothes from a century ago.

Safu, offended charges at the student who had commented on her clothing going in for physical blows as the other students try to hold her back. Shion, terrified by the ongoing brawl asks Safu to stop.

A few people finally walk into the classroom, as the brunette sighs with relief.

Safu and Shion on the boat

Going over the vast city of No. 6; the clouds coming in, the ships and boats along the rivers, a sulking Safu, we can see her and Shion aboard one of the boats, sitting a few seats away from each other. Shion decided to pass a comment about how Safu was much better suited to martial arts than neural sciences, possibly as a joke. Safu, unimpressed asks him if he was even paying attention to her presentation to which Shion responded to by going off, on a rant about mankind and society, making his friend a few seats away blush as she let out a soft chuckle, already hinting at her romantic feelings for Shion. Now, her mood much brighter than before she moves closer to Shion, who was a few seat away, kicking up her legs showing how excited she was, while letting out a sweet melodious harmony, which was enough to slightly confuse Shion. After getting off the boat, they walked out to the platform where they both scanned their bracelets.

The report of the approaching typhoon

Striking up conversation, Safu asked if "it" was today. Being slightly taken aback by this question, Shion said yes, asking Safu about that being the reason reason she invited him. Safu corrected him by saying that she was in fact asking about the typhoon, to which Shion again said yes, exclaiming his excitement about how this was the best present ever. Safu asked him what he was talking about and told him to hurry up as she sped away on her bike, Shion following suit.

After they had arrived at Safu's house, her grandmother had commented about how tall Shion was now, and the man in question had told her that it had been a while, bowing to show respect. Safu then approached her grandmother asking if it was ready, to which she said yes. Approaching Shion with the gift, Safu wished him a happy birthday and asked him to open it, after he asked if it was for him. Shion then opened the beautifully wrapped gift to reveal its contents; a light purple sweater with a zigzag pattern.

Shion getting the sweater

Safu shyly reminded him about the first time that she had worn her sweater to school and how Shion was the only one who had complimented her, also saying after the interaction they had, she knew that Shion had a warm personality. Slightly confused, Shion asked if that was what had really happened, and Safu was slightly annoyed at the remark and told him that she was thinking of giving him the same color as her's but she didn't since it was for him, going on to say that flower he was named after was a light purple, therefore the color of the sweater. Shion thanked them both for the gift. Safu's grandmother had asked Shion to take care of Safu, even while they attend the special course together. Shion nodded and said yes.

Safu's grandmother

Perking up, Safu said that she'll bake the cake, refusing Shion's help after he offered, saying that she had already made already prepared everything in the morning and all she had to do now was bake it. After everything was done, he blew out the candles as Safu and her grandmother had clapped, after cutting the cake, they all sat down and had a chat.

The cake

As Shion was looking at his surroundings once again, Safu's grandmother said she was glad he liked it, saying that there was nothing much she could do for him. To lighten up the mood, Safu had taken Shion to a place where all of her Grandmother's knitted sweaters and even some pieces from her grandmother's youth been kept, stating that that was why she had no desire for clothing with special fibers. Her grandmother said she had no idea what she did for them saying that they were living so freely inside the walls of No. 6 and Kronos, she basically had only done gardening and knitting day after day on repeatedly saying that she had no idea what to do.

Safu giving Shion a kiss on the cheek

On the porch of Safu's house, Shion said that he'd come and pick up his bike tomorrow. Safu said that her present would go to waste and Shion corrected her that it was actually a present from her grandmother opening his umbrella and showing off the sweater. She said she also had a present for him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, further hinting at her romantic feelings for him. Shion confused asked her why she did the same thing his mother did. She said that it was different and that she did out of her reproductive instinct, signifying her sexual attraction to Shion and talking about the action based of the expression as the wind interrupts her midway, Safu looking slightly displeased while Shion was looking at it with bright eyes. During their conversation, the boy seen at the beginning of the episode can be seen again, now with an injured arm.

Safu had now said that the Moondrop was crying and the others on all around the city looked just as shocked. Safu had said that it had been quiet a long since she had heard the moondrop's weeping, saying that this certainly seemed like more than a typhoon, and Shion had said it was just like a blister formed on human skin. The injured boy, now bleeding worse can be seen running through a park of windmills.

A drenched Rat(Nezumi) in Shion's room

Watching the storm; now significantly worse, Shion opens up the huge glass windows, resulting in his papers flying all over the room. He was quite happy, still as amazed by the storm, Shion went outside and yelled out to the vast world right below his feet. An alarm goes off and Shion can see Nezumi, who is now in his room. Scanning the boy, his eyes going wide as he takes in the severity of the wound on Nezumi's arm. Before he can say anything, the other boy pins Shion to the wall by his neck, telling him not to move as the latter is left to observe his features, asking him if was used to doing things like this and offering the patch him up. Getting no response, the boy offering help asked the intruder if he could understand him.


Relaxing just a bit, Nezumi let go of Shion's neck, dropping his guard down, only to pin Shion back to wall after Shion had received a call. After a moment of looking at each other, Shion nods and answers the call. On the other end of the line Shion's mom asks him if the window being open to which he responds with a yes. Concerned, Karan asks him to close the window to avoid catching a cold, he says yes and makes up an excuse about having to write a report so his mother would leave him alone for a bit. After casually conversing for a bit, his mother agrees and tells him to not push himself too hard and ends the call. The boy who had him pinned to the wall looked genuinely surprised and let him go.

Shion and Nezumi sitting

They then go and sit under the light of the lamp as Shion begin's to tend to his wounds. Nezumi observing his surroundings, asked Shion if he was in the special course, to which Shion replied he was starting next month. Nezumi visibly flinched, as Shion sprayed him with what seemed to be an antiseptic, cleaning his wound. Nezumi said that it must have been amazing having a high IQ, taking it as a sarcastic comment Shion slaps a bandage onto to his hand, causing Nezumi to flinch again asking him if he was making fun of him. Now with an annoyed expression of his own, he told Shion surely not, saying that he had speculated that Shion was able to get into a highly prestigious school programs as he got an A-rank on his two year old examination, saying that entering the course as a 12 year old was nothing short of great with a smile on his face.

As Shion flicked a needle, and Nezumi visibly retracted, asking Shion what he was planning to do and Shion says it was a local anesthetic, to which the boy further questions Shion on his intentions. Shion plainly said that he would be giving the boy stitches. Concerned for his safety he asked asked if Shion knew what he was doing to which the former replied of course not, saying his major was ecology, and he had a basic knowledge on blood vessels. The boy then let Shion inject him.

Shion with the anesthetic

After doing so, Shion gave Neuzmi a gauze and told him to hold it there, the boy agreed and and told Shion he was really strange, and when he was asked to elaborate, the boy about to get stitches simply said that Shion had not even asked him is name yet to which Shion said that he hadn't given his to the boy either. Nezumi asked him if it was Shion to which he agreed and went onto saying that his mother had liked wild flowers as a girl and then asked the other boy his name. He had said Nezumi(Rat), and Shion was utterly confused about why he was named the way he was, saying it seemed a bit strange. Nezumi had asked him as to why it sounded strange and Shion said that he'll start stitching, clearly avoiding the question.

Nezumi goes onto saying he was shot, and Shion said that he thought only the hunting club was allowed to use guns and Nezumi said they were pretty much the same, but they hunt humans instead, saying that there are people hunting other people inside the walls of No. 6 to a clearly confused Shion.

Nezumi and Shion together

While a stitched up Nezumi is staring out the window, Shion told him that he could stay with him until the storm calmed, telling him to change into the sweater on his bed. While going up to wear it, he asks Shion if his taste was a little off to which Shion asked Nezumi to take a look at himself. Afterward, Shion came back up to bed with two cups of tea, one for each of the boys. Looking at Nezumi's reaction to tea, he reciprocated the same smile on his face and Nezumi asked Shion if he was always like this; so defenseless with everyone, or if all the elites were so kind at heart, living without a feeling of fear or uneasiness, cutting of Shion's response denying what he just said asking why.

Shion said it was because he was tiny, "looked like a girl", came in his room all injured looking like he could collapse at any moment and he didn't exactly know why.

Shion's mother

Shion's mother had been sitting in the living room, where the security report for VC103221(Nezumi) had been sent out, restricting the entry in the Kronos area, as Shion entered the area, asking him if he was done with his report and to check out the message from the security bureau, saying that since he had the VC chip inside of him, the search system would locate him in no time. Shion then asked his mother if he could have dinner in his room.

Nezumi's VC card

As he enters, Nezumi asks hi too not turn on the light to which Shion agrees, also stating that he can't see to which Nezumi teasingly asks him if couldn't even walk around freely in his own room, saying he was not nocturnal, asking Neumi if he was to which the latter had said he was a rat after all.

The food Shion bought for Nezumi

Shion had called Nezumi by his VC ID saying that he was on the news, and Nezumi went into a fighting stance. Shion said that he had bought Nezumi some cherry cake and stew, as letting Nezumi relax, asking Shion if he was okay. The brunette then went onto saying that yes it was and he had explained the "report" situation to his mother and bought dinner to his room, to which Nezumi smiled again and took he food. He bit into a piece of cherry cake, as Shion said his mom was a great cook, and Nezumi seemed to agree with the fact. Shion had asked him if Nezumi would be able to escape, to which man in question said yes he could. After Shion had asked about the VC chip, Nezumi said it was still inside of him, telling Shion not to worry since it was a toy that had been useless for quiet a long time, and in fact, the entire city of No. 6 was a gigantic toy, asking Shion if he knew how it was made.

Shion had said yes and that after the Babylon treaty, after the previous war, after humanity lost the greater half of it's inhabitable land, all armaments outlawed and the remaining six city-states were made to govern the remaining areas and one of them was No. 6 to which Nezumi laughed. Shion had asked what Nezumi had been arrested for since he had escaped en route to a correctional facility. Nezumi had said that it was a lie and was originally at the correctional facility and the security bureau had bought him to No. 6, Shion confused asked him why he bought here, too which both of their gazes had shifted to the moondrop, the city hall, asking why would they take him there, and Nezumi said that Shion was better off not knowing, asking Shion to shut it and let Nezumi sleep already.

The moondrop

He then proceed to ask Nezumi, if he couldn't tell him and Nezumi simply asked if he can forget what he heard and pretend it never happened, could he put on a clueless face to what was happening? Nezumi acknowledged he was smart, but Shion was not mature enough to know this, also telling him that he was in a heap of danger for sheltering a VC and neglecting to inform the security bureau, asking Shion if he understood to which he replied yes, and Nezumi said for his part that he'll never speak of it, saying that he'll keep quiet about the screaming as well, saying he was blown away as Shion was absolutely embarrassed as they played a game of Shion chasing Nezumi around to stop the former as he teased the latter.

Nezumi pinning Shion down

Just as Shion was about to catch Nezumi, the former took Shion by the collar and one of his hands, using the rest of his body to turn the two around, pinning Shion on the bed, quickly grabbing the spoon that came with his dinner and spinning it around and holding it to Shion's neck stating that if it was a a knife, he'd be dead in a matter of seconds.

Shion and Nezumi holding hands

Instead of being freaked out, he threw Nezumi off guard, Shion simply asked if there was a trick to this and several other question about how Nezumi did this and boy the in in question just ended up laughing after having a dumbfound look on his face, still holding onto Shion's hand. He further went onto say that he was really messed up and a complete natural, to which Shion joined in, their laughter ringing throughout the room. Shion then proceeded to hold his hand saying that Nezumi's temperature was extremely high, removing the hair off Nezumi's forehead to press both of their's together to check if Nezumi had a fever. Supposedly confirming this, Shion said he'll bring some antibiotics and Nezumi said that it was okay and he just wanted to sleep. Shion told Nezumi that his body will exhaust itself if Nezumi goes to sleep like this to which Nezumi said that Shion was pretty warm, saying that living humans are warm after tightening his grasp on Shion's hand.

The morning after

In the morning Nezumi was nowhere to be found and Shion was looking out his window. The security bureau had pulled up outside their house as Shion's mother had been making them breakfast. After Karan picked up the phone, she was utterly confused on why the security bureau was there.


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